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I've just discovered a new skin care range for my sensitive skin girls and guys! Which is also a plus for myself as I have quite dry and sensitive skin.
Pai Skin Care understands sensitive skin of all kinds, their products are free from artificial colours, parfum, parabens, petrochemicals and phthalates, to deliver effective results for unpredictable and allergy-prone skin. Suitable for vegans, BUAV certified cruelty-free and certified organic all made in London, UK.
Pai is a British brand through and through but have borrowed the word "pai" from Te Reo Maori, New Zealand's native language, Pai meaning "goodness", which sums up what they believe in.

I was sent four products to try out and have been trialling them for about a week now.What's unique about this brand is that they are the first brand to list all ingredients in plain English where you can understand every ingredient for example 'Aqua' is Purified water or 'Tocopherol' is Natural Vitamin E, these are clearly listed on each box the product comes in.

As I mentioned my skin type is quite dry and sensitive with the occasional oily t-zone where I get break outs. I've been quite impressed with this range so far and the products have been so gentle on my skin, not to mention the subtle fragrance in each product is either fresh or floral.
They are available at Life Pharmacies nationwide or you can check out the range online at

Camellia & Rose
Gentle Hydrating Cleanser
I always start my day with a cleanser to make sure my skin is clean and fresh before applying any moisturiser or makeup and at the end of the day to help wash away any dirt oil or left over makeup.
 My skin instantly felt refreshed and looked quite glowy after it was pat dry. The formula is very soothing and one pump goes a long way. Also included is a dual-effect sensitive skin cloth, (100% Cotton) one side is textured 'Muslin' cloth for gentle exfoliation and the other is the soft 'Terry' side for extra sensitive skin. Hands down this product has become one of my favourite cleansers, the fact that it has a cloth included makes you take your time cleansing, as I often I just apply my cleanser quickly then wash it off straight away with the cloth you let the product sink in before you wash it off.

The Camellia and Rose Cleanser is said to help reduce reactive redness, has hydrating properties and leaves skin soft and replenished plus also gently lifts away eye makeup!

Kukui & Jojoba Bead
Skin Brightening Exfoliator
I normally avoid using exfoliators because of my sensitive skin, a lot of the time they can be very harsh on my skin and cause redness but to my surprise this exfoliator did none of that. As directed you apply it to dry skin and gently rub in circular motions, then apply a bit of water to your finger tips and it will turn into a milky liquid ready to be washed off. After I had rinsed it of I could can see my skin looked quite polished and brightened when pat dry, with no redness!

The Kukui & Jojoba Bead Exfoliator is said to remove the top layer of dead skin on the surface for a clearer and brighter complexion, it is made up of 100% biodegradable mircobeads and Omegas 3 & 6 in a gel-milk formula that locks in hydration.
This product is perfect for combination and oily sensitive skin.

Copaiba Deep Cleanse
AHA Mask
I'm also quite cautious when it come to face masks especially the clay and charcoal formulas that get quite dry and tight on the skin and you can't move your face! The Copaiba Deep Cleanse Mask is said to remove excess oil without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry. This product is perfect for oily and blemish prone sensitive skin.

This mask takes only 8-10 minutes and feels very cooling and calming on the skin, it slightly dries and there is no pulling or tugging on the skin when you go to move your face. Big plus for me!

Once it is dry I wash it off with warm water and the 100% cotton cloth that is included, which is made for removing the mask so easy! One wipe and it was gone! Then I finished off with splashing my face with a bit of cold water to help close my pores.

Avocado & Jojoba
Hydrating Day cream
Lastly after cleansing and exfoliating my face I finish off with the hydrating Day Cream. Two pumps are just enough to cover my whole face and neck, it has a silky texture leaving my skin looking glowy and dewy. As someone who also has quite dry skin a day cream is essential in my skin care routine. I can really feel it absorb into my skin straight away!

The Avocado & Jojoba is said to boost moisture levels and nurture softness and suppleness and hydrate sensitive skin damaged by environmental stresses. This product is perfect for dry dehydrated sensitive skin.


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