Anastasia Beverly Hills- ☽Moon Child☾ Glow Kit

Hi Lovelies
Now I've been wanting the 'Moon Child' Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills since I saw it came out, but the only place I could purchase it was on her website and their shipping was tooo pricey. Until finally stocked it with free shipping!
Moon Child is a Glow Kit made up of 6 Metallic Powder Highlighters that create intense luminosity on the skin. You can wear each shade alone or with complementing shades they can be layered together to brighten cheekbones and décolletage, or worn separately over eyelids, brow bone and inner corner of the eyes.

This is my first highlighter palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills and I love the idea that these highlighters can be layered together to create new shades. One of my favourite combos being 'Pink Heart' layered on top of 'Purple Horseshoe' that creates an intense pinky lavender.
I definitely get Mermaid/Coachella vibes when I first swatched this palette and just from one swatch these are super luminous, with a light hand can appear subtle or keep layering to get a popping highlight.
All the shades are very unique however I felt like the last two shades Purple Horseshoe and Blue Moon are quite similar especially on my skin tone anyway.
 For a brightly amplified glow, you can apply these highlighters with a damp makeup brush or sponge, which is always my favourite technique for glowing cheekbones.

Blue Ice- Diamond white with an icy blue reflect 
Star- A moonstone fusion of mint, platinum and silver reflect 
Purple Horseshoe- A glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect 
Pink Heart- Pearl white with a pink opal reflect
 Lucky Clover- A shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect 
Blue Moon- Frozen blue with a silver reflect


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