RCMA- Foundation and Concealer Palette VK #11

Hi Lovelies
A while back I purchased the RCMA- VK #11 Foundation and Concealer palette for my Freelance Kit as I wanted to get back into freelancing again.
I'd always tossed up between buying a number of foundation bottles that end up being pricey and heavy in my kit or to find the perfect palette that is compact and caters for a wide range of skin tones and I think I've found just the palette!

The RCMA Foundation and Concealer Palette I'd say is a staple for any professional makeup artist. Due to it's high pigmentation, you can use RCMA as a foundation or concealer.
If you haven't heard of this brand RCMA stands for 'Research Council of Makeup Artists' foundered in the 60's with the purpose of creating product that was specifically for makeup artists who specialise in Stage, Theatre, Film and TV.
In this palette is 'Colour Process Foundations', foundations that are 50% pigment meaning a little goes a long way! To compare it to a drug store liquid foundation that might have as little as 18% pigment you would normally need 2-3 pumps of foundation to cover a whole face where as for RCMA foundation you would only need a pea size to cover a whole face.

Plus their foundations don't contain any perfume, lanolin or mineral oil which are normally key factors that make a person with oily skin even more oily. As well as for someone with dry skin there is no need to powder or touch up their base, which is a win win for all skin types.
RCMA foundations are made of Plant Wax, Plant Seed Oil and like I said 50% pigment which makes this product Vegan.
It also does not change colour under light so it is also perfect for wedding photos, photoshoots with lightening and ball photos, yay for no flash back!

Described as having a flawless finish perfect for HD or everyday wear. With 18 shades to mix and match, you'll find there are endless possibilities of different skin tones, all in one palette! 70-80% of skin tones you can cover with the VK #11 palette but if your working with more tanned to deep darker skin tones you will also want to invest in the VK #10 palette to cover all your bases!

This palette is super versatile you can layer it and create a full coverage foundation or even make this foundation more sheer and glowy just by mixing it with a moisturiser or liquid highlighter.

The best way I found when applying to the skin is to first warm the product up before applying straight to the face. I either placed it on the back of my hand and warmed it up with my fingers or rub my fingers tips together then start dotting it around the face. I also found the best brush to use with this foundation is a buffing brush or a dense kabuki flat top brush as it helps buff it into the skin. I wouldn't recommend using a dam sponge because the product is wax based, wax and water don't mix, so you won't find the product blending at all.

At first this palette is a little overwhelming as the shades seem to start light to dark then go back to being light to tanned to break it down I have included the shade names that will hopefully make it seem less confusing.


-First Row-

- Second Row-
SH-VII, SH-VIII, Porcelain, Ivory, Gena Beige, Tantone 

-Third Row-
Olive-1, Olive-2, Olive-3, Olive-4, S-1, CS-2
Olive Series Foundation include- Olive-1-4, Gena Beige and Tantone 
 These tones are warmer than SH and KO series. Less yellow and more olive. These are olive tones that rise in their deepness value from Gena Beige to Tantone.

The Shinto (SH) series has yellow to greenish undertones. SH-1 to SH-4 have ochre undertones, rising in very small increments of colour depth. SH-5 to Sh-8 increasingly deepening tan/yellow tones for men.
Porcelain Foundation creates a very pale effect. It was originally created for the young queen character in "Star Wars."
Ivory Foundation is Slightly deeper than porcelain, but still very pale. A great colour for very pale skin tones

The last two shades are for contouring and highlighting but still classed as foundations S-1 is to contour and CS-2 is two highlight.

Purchased from Beautylish.com



  1. So glad to read your review, this seems to be one of those cult MUA products but I can't seem to fine a helpful right up on it. This is definitely on my wish list! X

  2. This is such an MUA staple! I use MAC Face and Body in my kit most of the time but like having a full-coverage cream foundation palette like this one (although mine's from Ben Nye) for when I need it!

    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl