Benefit- Boi-ing Concealers

Hi Lovelies
Recently I've been on the hunt for the perfect concealer and Benefit have added to their Boi-ing Concealers and given their packaging a make over!
The Boi-ing Concealer cater for every type of blemish or under eye problem from a Hydrating Concealer to a Brightening Concealer, an Industrial Strength Concealer and the newbie to the Boi-ing Family the Air Brush Concealer!

Lets just talk about the packaging firstly how super cute, that they have designed the concealers to look like erasers on the end of a pencil.
Whether its back to school after a late night of studying or those early mornings of getting up for work, Benefit are claiming they have you "covered" under eye circles and all, to erase those blemishes!

Sheer to Medium Coverage

The newbie to the Boi-ing Concealer family will conceal and retouch unevenness, fine lines and under eye circles.
I've been loving this concealer lately as it feels so lightweight especially for under my eyes. I wouldn't say it completely hides my dark circles but it does a good job at toning them down, as for the fine lines it blurs them a little bit but I personally have found with all concealers at the end of the day I always get creasing in my fine lines.
My tip when it comes to covering your under eyes never apply foundation there because the skin under your eye is the most delicate, that is why we have lightweight concealers to do the job.

Full coverage

Brightens dull, tired eyes and discolouration.
This concealer will definitely be a go-to with girls or guys who have dark under eye circles and need that extra bit of brightening to you make you look more awake!
This conceal is also only aimed at brightening your under eyes so I wouldn't suggest using it to cover any break out as you don't want to highlight or brighten them.
I also wouldn't suggest using a setting power with a tint to it as I found it changed the colour of my concealer making it appear orangey against my foundation, I would suggest using a translucent powder instead! This concealer did a pretty good job at brightening my dark under eye circles again it did crease a bit in my fine lines but when adding a setting powder it does help the concealer from moving.

Full Coverage

Cover heavy-duty dark circles and blemishes.

If you are struggling to hide those nasty break outs or very dark under eyes try giving Industrial Strength a go. It is a very thick consistency that is easy to blend out I'd say a little goes a long way too. I was also quite surprised as it even hid some of my freckles. Personally I would use this concealer more so for hiding break outs rather than under my eyes because it is quite thick and again I got a bit of creasing but it did a very good job at brightening my under eyes. So if you don't have fine lines but do have dark under eye circles I would definitely recommend trying this concealer out!

Sheer Coverage

Hydrates dry under eyes and hides dark shadows.
I'd suggest this concealer for youthful or mature skin that doesn't have to many blemishes or like me I'd wear this concealer when I don't feel like wearing too much makeup just as a pick me up to to make my under eyes seem more awake or even when I'm having a good skin day just to hide any subtle blemishes.


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