Tailor Skin Care- Mini Kit

Hi Lovelies
I was super excited to be sent the Tailor Skin Care 'Mini Kit' to try out, as always I'm looking for new skin care to help my very dry but also break out prone skin.
I always describe my skin type as dry with an oily t-zone but recently I've started to get break outs on my cheeks which I never have before, so I'm starting to think maybe I am combination!
Mini size are not only great for travel but also great for sampling before you purchase full size products!

Recently these minis have been the only products in my skin care routine as well as an eye cream.
First I start with the Oil Cleanse applied on dry skin or too remove my makeup at the end of the day. Second or every other day I use the Polish as a Scrub and gently in circular motion apply on a wet face then lastly pat dry my face and apply the Moisturiser.

Tailor Moisture 
 Moisture is a gentle morning and night moisturiser that adds essential nutrients back into the skin, leaving it looking healthy, radiant and feeling super soft. Tailor's Moisturiser has been dermatologically tested with a rating of excellent, their formula is phytonutrient-rich, which creates a lightweight lipid layer across your skin, reinforcing the dermal barrier and shielding your skin from signs of environmental damage.
I am obsessed with this moisturiser- one the scent is so calming with a hint of sweetness and two my skin feels instantly soft and hydrated, I will definitely be purchasing a full size when I have run out of my mini!
Tailor Moisture is suited to all skin types

Tailor Oil Cleanse
The Oil Cleanse gently removes makeup, dirty and oily build-up from the skin and pores without stripping the skin of its’ natural protective layer. It is formulated with antioxidant rich, cold pressed New Zealand grown hazelnut oil and organic coconut oil. This Oil Cleanse definitely leaves my skin feeling clean, clear and fresh!
I've just discovered oil cleansers for removing makeup and I haven't touch a makeup wipe since, it is so gentle at removing my makeup and it is gone in seconds.
I also love the scent to me its smells like my mum's 'banana cake', but it could just be the hazelnut.
Directions: Massage over dry skin and remove with a warm damp washcloth. Said to be perfect for removing waterproof mascara.

Suitable for all skin types.

Tailor Polish 
Got dull, flaky, breakout prone skin then Tailor Polish is going to be your new best friend! Tailor Polish’s dual-action formula draws out congestion and residual makeup. This two-in-one can be used as a Scrub or Masque!

Scrub- Gently polish in circular motions over damp face and neck, avoiding eyes, rinse off or remove with a warm damp washcloth.
Mask- Apply to dry face and neck, avoiding eyes, wait 15 minutes or till it is completely dry then rinse off or remove with a warm damp washcloth. Highly recommended for breakout prone skin.
I've tried using Polish as a face mask lately, it definitely dries super quick and it can start to feel a little itchy on my face but I have no redness once it has been rinsed off. I would just wear it for less than the recommend time. I definitely prefer to us the Polish as a scrub, my skin can look a little dull now and then and I haven't had the best skin lately, after using it as a scrub my skin feels so soft and has that refreshed feeling!


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