Bohemian Hair Styles with ghd- V Ruby Sunset Styler!

Hi Lovelies
I've teamed up with ghd to create some of my favourite Bohemian Hair Styles with the new limited edition V Ruby Sunset Stylerits ruby colour was inspired by the fading light of tropical sunsets and comes with a matching heat resistant bag which makes for the perfect travel companion.
Now when I think of Boho I always think music festivals hair styles, messy buns, plaits and beachy waves, which has inspired me for my two looks I've created below!
Now a hair straightener isn't just for straightening hair you can also use a ghd to create curls, so I've put together a few boho inspired looks with my ghd below, plus a how to!

The Ruby Sunset Styler heated up super quick and I mean in less than a minute!
I love that it comes with a heat resistant case that is perfect for travel! It looks just like a clutch.
Each ghd V gold styler like the Ruby Sunset features advanced ceramic heat technology to create smooth, sleek styles. While delivering enhanced shine and a salon quality finish. ghd's are perfect for all hair types and lengths.

-FIRST Look-
My first boho look was inspired by music festivals, especially Coachella where you see a lot of flower crowns. To create this look I firstly took two sections from each side of my head (as pictured) and plaited them about half way. I then tied the plaits together and took a piece of hair that was left over and wrapped it around the hair tie using a hair clip to secure it at the back. For a little extra touch I added some pink Manuka flowers and placed them in the plaits.
Then taking my ghd I straightened my hair about half way and created some messy beachy curls on the ends. (See how to create curls below)

For my second look was inspired by space buns or mermaid buns that have been popping up as the latest boho trends and this look is super easy to create.
Firstly I sectioned the upper half of my hair in two, either side of the parting, then I twisted each section into two slightly neat or messy buns.
With my ghd I curled the left over hair into small loose curls, then added an off centre plait for that festie vibe! Even adding some sparkly glitter in the parting would give it a little extra style!

-How to curl with a ghd-

1. Grab a section of hair (not too thick)
2. Start as if you are going to straighten your hair then go on to rotate the hair around the iron.
3. I slightly tilted the straightener on an angle and twirled the remaining hair
4. Lastly grab that piece of hair and twirl it in your fingers, to keep its hold.
5. You should have something like this curl shown in the last picture, then either brush through the curl to soften it or add hair spray or styling products to help the curl last longer.
You can purchase the new Ruby Sunset Styler here


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