M.A.C- Next To Nothing Collection

Hi Lovelies
I couldn't believe it when I received this PR parcel from M.A.C- The whole range of Next To Nothing Face Colours with Pressed Powders and a few Makeup Brushes had me very overwhelmed!
As you may or may not know I stopped freelancing all together as I had lost my confidence in finding a job as a makeup artist and couldn't keep my kit stocked up with out a stable job.
But now that I have a part time job i'm going to try freelancing again and just from receiving this range with every skin tone gave me that extra little push to get back into freelancing as a makeup artist.
Next to Nothing isn't exactly a 'foundation' as M.A.C describe it as a 'Face Colour' that is an ultra-balmy fluid infused with nourishing ingredients and opalescent microspheres. Said to bring out skin’s luminosity whether worn under makeup or alone.
Next To Nothing is- Dermatologist tested and non-toxic. Oil-, paraben- and sulfate-free.

This sheer tinted cream can be used under or over foundation, bring a translucent luminosity to the skin. It is a silky smooth texture that effortless glides over skin, diminishing the look of imperfections and fine lines, while moisturising and protecting skin.
For someone who loves a full coverage foundation you are probably not going to like Next To Nothing because it is very sheer. But for people who don't really like to wear to much makeup Next To Nothing is perfect for those 'no-makeup' makeup days. I personally like to where Next To Nothing under my foundation as I find it helps blur any imperfection.

-How To Use-
Shake well and start with about 2-3 pumps then add more if necessary. I personally use about 3-4 pumps, I know that sounds like a lot but it is a very runny in consistency and I find it slightly buildable when you add more.
Use either the suggested 141 Synthetic Face Fan Brush or a damp sponge to blend onto face and neck.
Then if you want more coverage simply apply your favourite foundation on top.
For any break outs you will still need a concealer to cover any redness or dark under eye circles if you are just using Next To Nothing by itself. The finish has a slight shine to it that looks super natural and dewy.
 The current shade I'm using at the moment is Light Plus for my natural skin tone.

The bottle itself is a gorgeous frosted glass with a pump just like their Pro Long Wear foundation bottles. Very sleek and classic.

-140 Synthetic Full Fan Brush- 
A powder brush made from a blend of synthetic fibres shaped into a rounded, full fan.
 Its rounded, full fan shape gently sweeps the face for smooth and soft powder application in a few strokes. Perfect to use with the Next To Nothing Pressed powder or any setting powders.

-141 Synthetic Face Fan Brush-
A dense, full brush made of synthetic fibres shaped into a small fan for powders, liquids and creams. The density of this brush allows for flexible usage with different mediums – from powders to liquid to creams. The fan shape helps to spread product evenly and smoothly over face. This brush would be best to us with the Next To Nothing Face Colour.

-Next To Nothing Pressed Powders-
A creamy, lightweight powder that has a barely-there feel, creating the appearance of a soft-focused glow. Plus is long-lasting with a silky-soft texture that features micro-light boosters that guarantee the look of healthy radiance. Said to be a sheer to medium buildable coverage with a natural luminous finish. I prefer to apply this pressed powder over a foundation rather than just the Next To Nothing by itself, just because it dulls down the dewy finish that Next To Nothing has.

Below I've included a chart from M.A.C to help you find your Next To Nothing shade from what foundation shade you are. For example I'm NW15 which would match me to Light Plus.


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