Le Mini Macaron Kit - Peach

Hi Lovelies
These super cute Le Mini Macaron Kits have finally launched in NZ!
The eye-catching LED Lamp is shaped just like a French macaron and will dry your gel nail polish in 30 seconds!
Now I'm one of those people who instantly seems to smudge or chip their nail polish when I've just applied fresh coat, so this mini LED Lamp is perfect for someone who just can't wait for their nails to dry naturally. Plus I instantly thought these would be a great gifts, as you can choose from 8 Gel Manicure Kits and 16 different Gel Nail polish colours!
In each kit includes a Gel Nail Polis, LED Lamp,  a Nail File,  a Cuticle Stick and 10 Remover Pads.

Plug in your LED Lamp into any USB outlet.
File nails top and sides and push back cuticles ready for nail polish then wipe nail clean with acetone.
Firstly apply a VERY thin layer of gel polish to your nail then place in the LED Lamp for 30 seconds. Then applied a second very thin layer of gel to the  same nail and cure again for a further 30 seconds and your done! Shiny new chip-proof nails!
*Tip-  Sometimes when you place your finger under the LED Lamp you might start to feel your nail getting a bit hot but don't worry your not burning just take your finger out and let it dry naturally if you can't handle the 30 seconds.
Why does this happen? The faster a gel hardens, the more likely it is to create excessive heat.
All nail enhancement products and adhesives release small amounts of heat as they cure or polymerize, which might feel like a slight burning sensation. If you've been to a nail salon you will know what i'm talking about.

Peach- Gel Nail Polish
Shade is a Bright Peach


Nail File, Cuticle Stick and 10 Remover Pads

First what you want to do is file as much as you can of the top layer off gel, then grab one of the Remover pads tear it open and insert your finger into the pocket then wrap it tightly around your finger and tape up the opening.
Then wait 10-15 mins, once the time is up remove the remaining gel with the end of your cuticle stick gently scraping off the gel.
I discovered this technique on their website and they a little video thats super helpful, it's just like how you would remove salon nails.
If you run out of Remover pads, you can always soak nail polish remover in cotton pads, place them on the gel and wrap tin foil around each finger.

Available to purchase in stores at leading pharmacies or online at www.leminimacaron.co.nz


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