Mellow Cosmetics- Mini Haul

Hi Lovelies
Recently I received a mini Mellow Cosmetics Haul full of lip and brow products to try out.
Since first trying out Mellow's lipsticks, the Mellow packaging has had a bit of a fancy makeover.
I was especially excited to try out the Matte Liquid Lip Paints as they have some stunning shades to choose from!

Matte Liquid Lip Paint

These ultra smooth liquid lip paints will give your lips a velvet matte and high pigmented finish. The long wearing creamy formula and hydrating texture will give you a full coverage and non drying light finish.  I found these were a bit transferable when first apply, so you have to really let them dry first.

Barcelona- Orange Peach
Paris- True Blood Red
London- Deep Plum Mauve
Budapest- Grey mauve

Comes in 10 stunning, bold shades suitable for every occasion. 
This product is 100% vegan & cruelty-free! 

Tips before use: exfoliate then apply to your lips! Avoid food with oil and when you need to wipe off the Lip Paint you need to use an oil based makeup remover or a Lip Balm.

Brow Definer

The Brow Definer Pencil is half crayon and half spooly (brow brush). The crayon has a triangular tip, that is non greasy, long lasting and has a easy glide on formula which will help you outline and fill in your brows effortlessly. Brow pencils are my go-toos and best for beginners. If you are new to filling in your brow, its just like drawing them in with a pencil.

Brow Pomade

Smudge free creamy gel formula that is an all in one brow product and lasts throughout the day without fading. Smoothly glides onto skin and hair to sculpt, colour in and shape natural defined brows. Adds fullness and texture to troubled brows and lightly holds hairs in place.
I was not expecting the formula to be so soft in texture, so soft that my brush left a big dent in the product (oops). This pomade is very rich in pigment and a little bit goes a long way. Best to apply with an angled eyeliner brush and brush through with a spooly to fade out any of those harsh lines. A good product for those brows that won't stay in place.

Brow Powder Duo

A two shade brow powder compact which can be customised to create the ideal shade to create naturally beautiful eyebrows. The formula is smudge proof, resistant to humidity and offers long lasting wear. 

I found these powders really pigmented, I used the lighter shade for the beginning of my brow and faded it into the darker shade to then fill in the tail of my brow- Using an angled eyeliner brush to apply. Brow powders are also great for setting brow products like pomades or crayons. Finnish by brushing through your brows with a spooly to brush out any extra product to make them appear natural.
I got the colour Caramel which is perfect for people with Soft Brown Hair.

There is also three other shades with in the brow product range-
Chocolate is perfect for people with Dark Brown Hair
Mocha is perfect for people with Medium Brown Hair
Taupe is perfect for people with Taupe Coloured Hair

Black Gel Liner

A very creamy formula to create natural defined lines, said to be smudge proof, water proof and have long lasting coverage for all day wear. 
The brush that it comes with isn't bad, but if you want that nice precise line i'd suggest using a very fine detailed eye brush to apply this eye liner.


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