Benefit Cosmetics- 'They're Real' Double the Lip and Duo Shadow Blenders

Hi Lovelies
Feeling so spoilt with this amazing PR parcel from Benefit Cosmetics introducing their new They're Real- Double The Lip lipsticks and They're Real- Duo Shadow Blender eyeshadows!
Before I received these goodies I got a sneak peak at the whole collection at a movie night with Benefit NZ as you might have seen on my Insta Story @LolaaBeauty

What started it all was the They're Real Mascara (one of my faves) and since then Benefit has come out with a whole new range of 'They're Real' products- different coloured mascaras, eyeliners and now lipsticks and eyeshadows!

They're Real- Double The Lip

These lipsticks are semi-matte super pigmented and come in a range of shades from neutral to very bright. They feel comfortable and creamy on the lips plus are very easy to apply once you understand the design of these lipsticks as they are a lip liner and lipstick in one.
Said to give you the appearance of fuller-looking lips hence the name 'They’re Real! Double The Lip!' 
This lip liner & lipstick in one features a 'Teardrop Tip' that defines your lip line and fills in your lips with it's complementing colour to give the appearance of volume and dimension.
Some of them do show a visible line between the lip liner and lipstick which give your lips that ombre look but you can always blend these together with a lip brush for a more blended effect.
Definitely a neat idea as I always struggle to find a matching lip liner sometimes for unique colours!
The names of the lipsticks pretty much describe themselves in terms of shades too!
Criminally Coral
Nude Scandal
Juicy Berry
Fuchsia Fever
Flame Game
Revved- Up Red
Lusty Rose
Pink Thrills

They're Real- Duo Shadow Blender

These eyeshadows are definitely for you 'on-the-go' girls who want a quick and easy way to apply your eyeshadow in one simple step!
Said to make your eyes appear bigger and sexier with these perfectly paired powder eyeshadow duos. These are crease-resistant, have a longwear formula and are said to lasts for about 12-hours. 
In each compact you get are darker shade that is either matte or satin and you would place that shadow where you would normally eyeliner. The darker shadow is paired with a much lighter shadow, which is either satin or sheen. From swatching them all the darker shades are all different and most of them are paired with a golden, champagne or taupe shadow. I found a few looked quite a like as they had similar tones.
Each compact comes with a cute little cushion sponge that you sweep on the duo eyeshadow in one go with. The sponge definitely helps with blending but I think over time they could become a bit unhygienic unless Benefit sell replacements.

Beyond Nude
Naughty Neutral
Sexy Smokin'
Kinky Khaki
Brazen Bronze-
Bombshell Brown
Easy Smokin'
Provocative Plum

Shadows have Satin, sheen & soft matte finishes.


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  1. I've heard so much about these new benefit products, I'm not sure how I feel about the eye shadows, but the lipsticks are such a great idea! X