M.A.C- Shadescents

Hi Lovelies
M.A.C have recently come out with a new product- Shadescents, perfumes inspired by the personalities of six cult-favourite Lipsticks- Ruby Woo, Creme d'Nude, Velvet Teddy, Lady Danger, Candy Yum Yum and Heroine.
I got sent three scents and their matching lipstick from the collection to try out. I'm very interest to see what the other three scents are too especially the nude Scentshades. 
These are in stores now at selected M.A.C locations- Britomart, Botany, St Lukes Farmers Albany (Auckland) and Westfield Riccarton (Christchurch).

The lipsticks have also had a makeover to match the Scentshades bottles, with the colour of the lipstick being on the cap and tube.

The perfume bottles have a very sleek and modern style with a frosted glass middle each the same colour as their matching lipstick.

Woody Leather Scent

An intoxicating and totally unexpected fragrance composed of rich and primal Cordovan leather.

I'm on the fence about this scent as it is very strong, you definitely get that instant scent of leather, it reminds me of it being a borderline cologne fragrance.
Heroine Lipstick is a Bright Purple (Matte)

Fruity Floral Gourmand scent
A flirty fragrance with electric fruits, like pink guava at the heart.

My favourite scent out of all three, Candy Yum Yum would definitely be one I would purchase again. Fruity floral scents are my my go-too's, it's sweet and light just how I image Candy Yum Yum would be as a fragrance!
Candy Yum Yum Lipstick is a Neon Pink (Matte)

Woody Floral Scent
An arresting rouge-red fragrance featuring a sultry deep red leather note that commands attention.

I'm not really a fan of this scent, personally I feel its too woody but if you someone who loves woody and leather notes this perfume is for you!
Ruby Woo Lipstick is a very matte vivid blue-red (Retro Matte)


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