Girl Undiscovered- 'Under The Waterfall Crystal' Cleansing Water.

Hi Lovelies
I've just discovered this beautiful brand called 'Girl Undiscovered' that emphasises the importance of good skin care while using natural elements! Plus has no parabens is cruelty free and made in New Zealand.
I purchased their Under The Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water as I was very intrigued to try out another micellar water that not only removes makeup but also cleanses and tones the skin.
Girl Undiscovered also currently sell two other products called Stars Aligning Elixir Oil and Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask which I have my eye on for future purchases.

To the girl that wants to make the world 
a little more beautiful, a little more interesting, and a little more thoughtful.
-Girl Undiscovered.

I love when a company takes pride in their packing presentation and Girl Undiscovered was no exception. The micellar water was wrapped and packaged so tight and securely in recyclable paper.

The cleansing water even came in this gorgeous gold clutch which makes for a great gift or handy little makeup bag. 

Under The Waterfall is a 3- in-1 super water to cleanse, tone and gently dissolve your makeup, it will remove all traces of makeup and impurities plus rebalance and purify your skin. 
Also inside the bottle are rose quartz and citrine, powerful crystals to create positive energy in every bottle!
They source their water from depths of 160 metres, untouched by the outside world, pH perfect and infused with Thanaka 8 Extract, wild island kanuka honey and Balinese virgin coconut oil. 
I just pour a few drops on a cotton pad or tissues and it removes most of my makeup in one or two wipes, my skin feels refreshed and clean especially after a long day of wearing makeup, all I want to do is wipe it off instantly. I would still recommend washing/cleansing your face afterward as my face felt a little tacky with the remaining residue and just to make sure you haven't missed any remaining makeup.

-Makeup Test-
As I swatch my arm with as many different makeup products and shades as I can.
The micellar water removed most makeup like foundation, mascara and neutral eyeshadows, only eyeshadows like black and dark browns were still noticeable and took more than several attempts to wipe away.

With lippy products it struggled to take off deep berry and red lipsticks as they tend to stain anyway. Liquid lipsticks definitely didn't budge but lets face it only oil based makeup removers can get rid of those kinds of lipsticks.

Rose Quartz and Citrine semi precious stones.


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