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I must be dreaming?! because I can't believe I got my first ever Mac Cosmetics PR parcel! I got sent the new release of Strobe Creams in extended shades of iconic strobe cream. These luminous moisturisers now come in Pinklite (the original), Peachlite, Goldite, Silverlite and Redlite! Plus I also got given an Extra Dimension Skinfinish in the shades Beaming Blush to review. I'm going to be glowing all year now!
Strobe Cream is described as the ultimate quick-fix, super-powered with potent botanicals, antioxidants and iridescent pearl particles. Strobe Cream de-stresses, de-snoozes, hydrates, freshens and boosts the look of dull, tired-looking skin instantly. Then to add to the beaming effects Mac have also come out with Extra Dimension Skinfinishes, also in four new shades. You'll have radiant skin in a flash, no matter what the lighting. 

Strobe Cream
An amazing moisturiser that boosts the look of tired, flat and dull looking skin with its green tea and nutritious vitamins as well as luminizing skin with it's iridescent particles.
The love the original strobe cream and the way it makes my skin glow, so when I found out there were going to be new shades I was pretty excited.

Strobe Cream adds a soft luminous glow to your skin. I like to either wear it alone, under my foundation or for an extra glow mix it together with my foundation. It also make for a perfect subtle highlight for your cheek bones, cupids bow and on the bridge of your nose.

I found they all had the same scent and liquid/cream consistently, my new favourite would have to be Peachlite it has a gorgeous peachy glow that would really compliment a lot of skin tones.

Pinklite (The Original)- Pink Pearls
Peachlite- Peach Pearls
Goldlite- Gold Pearls
Silverlite- Silver Pearls
Apparently there is also Redlite with Red Pearls from photos it looks like a darker version of Pinklite, I will have to check this one out in stores! 

Extra Dimension Skinfinish 
A liquid-powder highlighter that gives a luminous, well-defined finish.
I also got given one of four Extra Dimension Skinfinishes in the shade-
Beaming Blush- Pink that breaks gold.

These are a bit like subtle duo chrome eyeshadows that they change into two different colours in the light. Perfect for placing on top of strobe cream to give it that extra glow or if you wear it alone it appears more of a subtle highlight.

There is also-
Soft Frost- White that breaks violet
Doublegleam- Beige that breaks silver
Show Gold- Peach that break pink.


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