Too Faced- 'Christmas In New York' 2016

Hi Lovelies
You wouldn't believe how excited I was when I found out that you can now purchase Too Faced at Mecca Maxima and I was even more excited when they bought out their Hoilday collection!
I wanted to pick up a few of their mini sets because one- who doesn't love minis and two- if your stuck on some gift ideas for that makeup addict friend who seems to have everything. Hoilday collections are the best because that normally means brands come out with a few limited edition items!

Naughty Kisses & Sweet Cheeks
What's cute about this pack is that inside the big box are three smaller boxes containing a lip injection and its matching Love Flush Blush, so you can split up your purchase and give them as three individual gifts, even on the back of the three boxes it has a To: and From: note!

In this pack you get-
Orignal Lip Injection with Crazy in Love Blush
Milkshake Lip Injection Glossy and Baby Love Blush
Like a Boss Lip Injectoin Glossy and Dream Lover Blush

Lip Injections are said to plump your lips which they do! Once applied at first you don't feel anything but then you feel a light tingle and a light stinging sensation but don't worry your lips aren't burning the formula is somehow plumping your lips and the feeling goes away in about a minute. My lips appeared slightly bigger than usual but I probably wouldn't wear one of these everyday because of the weird tingling.

Original- Clear Pink
Milkshake- Nude
Like a Boss- Orchild

As a Too Faced addict you know your girl has the whole collection of the full sized Love Flush Blushes and come to think of it I have never blogged about my whole collection.
These minis though, they are a perfect travel sized blush and I got this pack because Too Faced came out with two new shade which I believe are limited edition.

Crazy in Love Blush (limited edition)- A bright fushsia with fine gold sparkles
Baby Love Blush- Soft dusty nude with fine gold sparkles
Dream Lover Blush (limited edition)- A pale pink lavender

Let It Glow
Highlight & Blush Kit
When I first saw this set released I new this was going to be my first purchase I wanted to pick up from Too Faced's Christmas Holiday Collection. Its the perfect pack of minis you get a highlighter, bronzer, a blush and the cutest travel size brush in the shape of a heart!

Inside this set you get-
Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer
Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder
Love Flush Blush- Love Hangover

This cute little brush is really soft, it would actually make a decent contour brush because the bristles are well packed together. I can also see myself using it with the bronzer or blush the most.

Mini Love Flush Blush
Love Hangover- Described as a perfect Warm Pink
One of my favourite shades from the Love Flush Blush collection, its a shade that would suit any skin tone and add a subtle pop of colour to your cheeks.

Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder
 Rosey Glow
Half champagne white half pale pink the pair are very sheer that gives you a soft focus glow

Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer-
Golden Bronze/ Delicate Pink/ White/ Fawn Glimmer-
Gives a radiant finish, it would even be used as a blush and bronzer duo. Definitely a shimmery light chocolate bronzer when you blend all the shades together.

Melted Merry Kissmas
Lipstick Set

About two years ago I purchased Too Faced's last mini Christmas Set of Melted Liquid Lipsticks and I love these I love the formula, the scent and they have bought out the best shades in this set.
This time round they have included a Melted Chocolate and their first ever mini of a Melted Matte.

In this set you get-
Chocolate Honey
Lady Balls (Melted Matte)

Fig- Plum Mauve
Chihuahua- Pinky Nude
Chocolate Honey- Perfect netural nude (and it smells like chocolate!!!)

Lady Balls is a Matte True Red the perfect shade to wear on Christmas if your feeling bold and if it matches your outfit.


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