LUSH- Christmas Collection Part Two 2016

Hi Lovelies
As promised here is my part two of my Lush haul, these products were sent to me Thank You LUSH!!
I have reviewed a few of these products before so I though I would touch base on what I think of them now and focus more on the new products I haven't reviewed before!

Rose Jam
Shower Gel

I don't normally like rose scented products but Rose Jam is more subtle and quite sweet it has a rosey scent with vanilla pod infusion, goji berry juice and nourishing argan oil. Rose Jam leaves your skin really soft, hydrated and sweetly-scented.
Is is a rose red liquid that lathered up really well to soft white bubble. I left it on for longer than I usually would and feeling my skin now after its dry it is still really soft.
Snow Fairy 
Shower Gel

As you know I reviewed Snow Fairy in Part One, next time I would definitely purchase the next size up and keep the little bottle as a travel size refill, after reading more on the Lush website I forgot to mention that Snow Fairy contains biodegradable shimmering luster (or Fairy Dust) which gives your skin a little sparkle. Lush also mentioned that Snow Fairy’s formula has been expertly rebalanced to be self-preserving, so no synthetic preservatives are required.

Magic Wand
Bubble Bar

Again another product I reviewed last Christmas but I'm so glad I got another this year. This re-useable bubble bar is perfect for a nice relaxing bubble bath with it sweet cotton candy-scented bubbles to put you in a calming mood. 
Just run it under the tap and your bath water turns a pretty pink, the Magic Wand will last you up to at least 10 baths i'd even suggest mixing it with another Christmas bath bomb.

Snow Fairy
Body Conditioner

Snow Fairy is a thick creamy pink consistency with a hint of sparkle on the top layer, it glides on your skin so smoothly and when rinsed of it almost creates like a film covering your skin because the water appears to glide right off you. I found it made my skin more smooth than it did soft, i'd say it works a bit like a moisturiser.
From when I purchased my first Snow Fairy shower gel one of the girls at Lush recommend that I try the Snow Fairy Conditioner with the Snow Fairy shower gel as a combo so I did and it seem to make my skin much softer when pair together. The conditioner is even recommend to be used like a conditioner on your hair so I too tried it out on the ends of my hair but I can't say whether it made much of a difference but my hair did feel soft.

You instantly get the smell of it's rich scent when you opened up the container. Made with a fruity cherry infusion, hydrating mango and avocado butters and moisturising fair trade organic cocoa butter.

Body Lotion

I'm just going to say it now YOU NEED THIS!
Sleepy is a soft creamy lotion that will relax and sent you too sleep.
Everything about this lotion its so calming from its pale purple hue to its sweet lavender and tonka perfume.
Massage it's soothing almond oil and cocoa butter lotion into your skin and it will leave it velvety soft, it also leaves your skin so hydrated and shimmery as it has a few sliver sparkles mixed in.

Perfect to put on just before bed time i'm sure you will drift off to sleep in no time!


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