LUSH- Christmas Collection Part One 2016

Hi Lovelies
Recently I purchased a few Lush Christmas products to try out and review and then was suddenly also sent a few more products from Lush's PR. So I though since I started photographing I'll do a part one of my purchases and a part two of what I was sent!
As you all may know by now I love Lush products espically their bath bombs and have started to branch out and try more of their skin care products.
Lush products are my number one recommendation when your stuck on what Christmas prezzies to buy, Lush cater for all guys and girls with any skin type. I was even stuck on what to get for my work mate's Secret Santa gift and realised Lush were perfect for a cute little prezzie!

Shower Gel

A favourite amoungst Lush lovers the Snow Fairy Show Gel now comes out every Christmas. I desided to pick up the smallest size because it would make a great stocking stuffer and how cute are mini products!
Snow Fairy has a very sweet candy scent with hints of candyfloss and bubble gum. Once lathered your skin feels so lovely and soft, it is a thick pink consistancy that instantly fills your shower with its sweet scent. Snow Fairy is also recommend to be paired with the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner that i'll be reviewing in my part two!

Bath Bomb

My favourite purchase out of the bath products. Shoot For The Stars was so relaxing and calming. It's scent is a mixture of Honey with Brazilian orange and bergamot YUM!
Once placed in the bath it fizzed away quite quickly and out pops 6 floating stars that slowly melted leaving a whole lot of gold glitter behind. The bath water went a cobalt blue once it completely fizzed out, it really looked like a twinkling night sky. Like Shoot For The Stars any one of Lush's bathbombs would also make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. 

Bath Melt

I reviewed the Snow Angel last year but gave it away as a gift so when I saw that it had come back this year I thought it was time to try it out myself.
The white side of the angel fizzed quite quickly like a bath bomb and the gold side fizzed more slowly like a bath melt. It felt very moisturising on my skin and definitely put me in a relaxing mood. Snow Angel has a calming scent of Fair Trade cocoa butter, with marzipan, rose, benzoin and cassie absolute. It turns the bath water a golden yellow shade with a few white bubbles and lots of glitter. 

Bath Melt

This cute little bear just bubbled in the bath and melted away in to white bubbles it has a soothing scent of vanilla, Ylang Ylang and Fair trade cocoa butter. But not until I saw a picture of this bear I realised he was missing his little brown nose!
A cute little gift for young and old this little bear made my skin nice and soft definitely be great paired with a bath bomb.

Bath Bomb

Star Dust is a gorgeous relaxing scent of earthy rosewood with vanilla absolute and bergamot oil. The Star fizzed quite quickly and though it was disapointing to photograph the scent did make up for it. I'd seen photos of tiny colourful star with this bath bomb but i'm sure I only got about 4 red and green ones that quickly dissapeared by the time I saw them. I would reccomend pairing this bath bomb with a bubble bar to make it more enjoyable.


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