Kylie Cosmetics- 'Burgundy' Palette Kyshadow

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A while back I purchased the new Burgundy Palette from Kylie Cosmetics which I was starting to think would never arrive! I purchased it on the first release which I was so happy about because I though it would be great to get a review up before the 2nd release, unfortunately it didn't turn out that way. Sadly for the first time the shipping took extra long and my tracking number wasn't even tracking. But to my surprised when I emailed Kylie Cosmetics customer service they replied straight away, literally 4 minutes after I sent the email which I wasn't expecting because I have heard not everyone gets a reply from them, but they were very helpful and tracked it down in which it arrive a few days later. So now I'm finally getting round to reviewing this gorgeous palette.

Like the first palette it has the same Kylie eyes on the lid but I found the 'eyes ink print' were more grey to the Bronze palette being a clear black ink print, whether that was her intention or not the printing isn't as dark. But the tear drops are the same being colour cordinated to the shades inside the palette.

Top Row-
Naked (satin finish golden sand)
Beach (matte finish light warm brown)
Penny (matte finish red orange)

Middle Row-
LA (metallic finish true copper)
Burgundy (matte finish bright red burgundy
Dubai (metallic finish burgundy)

Bottom Row-
Brick (matte finish dirty brick)
NY (metallic finish warm bronze)
Almond (matte finish deep red brown)

I can't fault any of these eyeshadows they are all so pigmented. Kylie has definitely stepped up her eyeshadow game this time especially with her metalics and has really improved on the satin formula even though there is on one satin shade in this palette this time it is definitely visually better. The shade that really stood out to me was 'LA' it is a beautiful true copper that really shimmers in the light, a perfect lid shade.

To compare it to the first Kysahdow Bronze Palette the shadows have definitely improved I'd say the Burgundy palette is more for the creative type who likes to branch out more into colours, where as the Bronze palette is more for your everyday type who likes to keep their eyeshadows more basic and neutral.
You can find my review on the Bronze palette here
Since I've purchased The Burgundy palette Kylie has already come out with a third eyeshadow palette for the Christmas Holidays, called 'Holiday'. Unless it goes on sale I probably won't purchase it as the shades aren't really colours I would were on a daily basis, but if you have purchased it or reviewed it let me know as I'd still like to heard how it compares to the other palettes.


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  1. This looks like such a nice palette! I haven't got anything by Kylie yet, but my sister went to her pop up shop and spent an absolute fortune there!