Colourpop Metals- Ultra Metallic Lip

Hi Lovelies
Recently I decided to pick up Colourpop's new liquid lipstick Metals, as I haven't tried or reviewed any lip products quite like these before!
At first I wasn't into the whole Metallic liquid lip trend, I really thought these weren't so wearable for an everyday, daily basis look. But with Colourpop's prices and decent quality I though these were the best to review. Colourpop have definitely come out with some amazing shades for their Ultra Metallic Lips.

Though shipping to New Zealand was heart breaking, I remember my first ever Colourpop order and the shipping was $14.50 still borderline pricey but now this time round the shipping was a painful $25! I know... what was I thinking... But I hope this review is helpful for anyone considering buying them.

These metallics have a soft mousey texture and like the name suggests a metallic finish, they last a pretty long time about half a day even though their not kiss proof and some lipstick is found on your sandwich your having for lunch, your boyfriends cheek or your coffee cup but you still will have colour left on your lips.
They are also quite hard to remove with the two darker shades 3-Way and Zebra your lips are left with a bit of a tint or in Maneater and Kween's cases  you left with chunks of metallic glitters.
As for the scent there really isn't any, just a subtle 'Colourpop' scent as in what their eyeshadows smell like I'm not quite sure how to describe it.
When their on the lips their not drying at all, only for when you take them off your lips look a bit cracked and feel slightly dry but nothing lip balm can't fix!

A shimmering rose gold in a Metallic finish.

This shade is definitely a favourite! I thought I might not suit the more bronzy shades but they are surprisingly very wearable. Maneater would look amazing with a neutral eye or bronzed sun kissed look! I found this shade the easiest to remove, as for staying power it faded nicely and i'd say lasted the longest out of the four but you are left with more glitters than colour by the end of the day.

This doe foot was very fluffy which made for applying the product quite easy but I can't say that for all of them which i've mentioned with each lippy.

True bronze in a Metallic finish.

This shade is more for someone who loves a deep bold lip very grunge 90's, perfect for a neutral look (can you tell I love my neutrals) I'd recommend using a lip liner before applying too.
I think this shade is understated, it may look a bit daunting in the tube if your not used to wearing browns or bronzy shades but Zebra has a subtle rose gold shimmer to it when applied on the lips and is not as dark as I was expecting which is a plus making it more wearable!
This shade faded very similar to Maneater just less glittery and your left with a tint on your lips by the end of the day. It is not fully kiss proof but only a tiny bit of formula wears off.

This doe too was very fluffy and soft, very easy to apply.

A burnt red with tons of gold glitter in a Metallic finish

Its doesn't look like it in the tube but this shade is so pretty on the lips, the combo of the burnt red and gold glitters is stunning. One coat seems a bit sheer but add another coat and you get its true colour.
I found this shade the hardest to remove because it has so many glitters, your left with a whole lot of chunks of glitter but I can see this one being very popular because of the colour!

Sadly the doe foot on this wand seemed a bit flat and not as fluffy which made it a little more tricky to apply. I have seen other reviews on Kween who have had the same problem, so I'm thinking it may be the formula or glitters that make the doe foot bristles clump together.

Plummy pink with gold sparkle in a Metallic finish

Another stunning shade, very bold it would definitely suite a dramatic eye look. When it catches the light it has a gorgeous shimmer of gold.  I'd also recommend using a lip liner before applying.
This shade is definitely not kiss proof a lot of formula is wiped away when eating or drinking but your still left with a tint of the colour and a few glitters on your lips, 3-Way faded nicely as to compare it to Kween which looks like a bit of a glittery mess as it fades.

This too had a flat doe foot but was still slightly fluffy so still easy to apply.
P.S I also bought an extra of this shade to put in my 10K giveaway on instagram got follow @LolaaBeautyy to find out how to win!

Overall I really liked the formula and shades of these metallics the only thing I found disappointing was the doe foot applicators on Kween and 3-Way being really flat and the shipping of course is crazy to NZ. I won't be buying from Colourpop anytime soon that's for sure.

Plus Colourpop have bought out four more lighter shades if you find these to dark or not too your liking.


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