ModelRock Lashes- Kit Ready Lash Range

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The lovely ladies at The Makeup School have given me some of their ModelRock lashes to try out and review. I trained at The Makeup School in Ponsonby with these lashes and regularly use them in my makeup kit. I was first introduced to false lashes when I started my makeup course and now I can't do a clients makeup without using lashes. I feel that they complete the overall look especially making the eyes pop.
I was given some of the Kit Ready Lashes range to try out, they are the perfect pack of lashes for Makeup artist's to have in their makeup kit. There is a whole range of natural, dramatic, bridal and evening looking lashes.
ModelRock Lashes are beautifully made, light and easy to apply and very affordable for the quality.  Made with 100% human hair which mades them Vegan and cruelty free! Even the way the lashes are made makes them very high quality. The lashes go though an oven sanitation process to sanitize the hair and to kill off any germs with no chemicals used! When they're at the curling stages, they are put in an oven with a curling rod to process at different temperatures depending on the shape, curl or particular style they will be.

You can purchase ModelRock lashes at The Makeup Collective who have an online store or you can pop into their shop located at The Makeup School at 46 Brown Street Ponsonby.
The Shop have every kind of lash imaginable as they stock all Model Rock lashes, as well as accessoires such as lash glue, lash curlers and lash applicators and lash scissors!

This pair are very classic for adding length and volume to your natural lashes. They have a clear lash band, are single knotted and fan out with a gorgeous curl.

You could wear these with a natural or evening look.
I can see these becoming one of my favourites as they have the ideal curve and boost of volume and separation.
You can purchase the #204 here

This style of  'half lashes' are always my go-to! They have a clear lash band and very voluminous with a thick cluster of lashes and a single knot between each cluster, with a slight curl towards the outer corner. These lashes were my favourite in class, not only because they were the easiest to apply but also they would give a subtle dramatic look. These are gorgeous with eyeliner and perfect for evening looks.
You can purchase the #318 here

These may look a bit daunting, but these lashes will help make your eyes pop! With thick clusters of lashes, an invisible band and a defined curl towards the outer corner. These lashes will give you length and volume with a combination of thick clusters and a single knot in between each cluster. Ideal for a dramatic ball or bridal makeup look.
You can purchase the #527 here

Another favourite lash style of mine the 'Demi Wispies' are very flirty fluttery lashes which can look very natural. Perfect for daily wear to enhance the look of natural lashes with a clear lash band. Gives you an additional fullness to the base of your own lashes.
You can purchase the #DW here


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  1. Thanks for reviewing our Modelrock lashes so positively and we are so happy you love using them.... WHO WOULDN'T! LOVE the Modelrock team at Makeup Collective xx