MAC 'Vibe Tribe' Collection

Hi Lovelies
Mac have been coming out with some gorgeous limited edition packaging lately and of course I cave when it comes to pretty packing. So being the makeup addict that I am, I had to pick up a few products from the new Summer 2016 collection called 'Vibe Tribe'.

Mac claim that the theme is inspired by the 'music festival' trend (think Coachella) and colours of the desert. When this packaging came out, it also was a bit controversial with its 'tribal-inspired' design as people were quick to point out the cultural appropriation (Mac not crediting a tribe). I was unaware of this controversy at the time of purchasing these products as a lot of reviews I read on beauty bloggers sites didn't acknowledge this. After googling the designs and coming across an article to my realisation they are very Navajo-inspired. I'm a strong believer in credit where credit is due, to acknowledge the designs are Native American. I hope people will realise and appreciate their culture rather than see these designs as being called the 'vibe tribe' makeup collection but rather Native American indigenous art.
As much as I would love to purchase every single piece from this collection at the time, my bank account limits me (sigh) so I ended up picking two products a Gleamtones Powder and a Lipstick!

'Hot Chocolate'

Described as a Dirty Plum shade with a satin finish. I'm so glad I picked up this shade even though this was bought out in a Summer collection I also think its a perfect shade for Winter. It would look gorgeous on most skin tones too.
If you did miss out on this shade you can still purchase Hot Chocolate in the original Mac bullet packaging.

'Dunes At Dusk'
Gleamtones Powder

This compact is a bronzing and highlighting and blush powder that features a unique colour block of four shades in one pan, a rose baby pink (blush), white champagne (highlight), plum bronze (bronzer) and tangerine copper (bronzer or blush). I love that the fours shade are also embossed into geometrics shapes to match the tribal design. These shades are very sheer and beautiful when blended together, giving your skin a gorgeous luminous glow.

You can use each powder on its own or mix and match shades together to make a blush or highlighter, the two darker shades do make a subtle bronzer, but I would find myself using it as a blush or highlighter. This compact is definitely a collectors piece for any makeup lover!


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