CottonOn Body- Botanicals 'Hair Treatment'

Hi Lovelies
I've just discovered CottonOn Body have come out with some new skin care and hair care products called 'Botanicals' I picked up a hand cream and this 'Serenity' Hair Treatment in the scent Amber and Argan Oil that I thought I'd review and see how it compares to salon hair treatments.
The range are created using natural botanical extracts, are made in Australia and are paraben & sulphate free. 

Said to leave your hair feeling nourished without the use of harsh chemicals the Serenity hair treatment contains- Argan Oil, Pro Vitamin B5, Panthenol and Oat extract combine to create a super charged conditioning treatment to leave hair silky smooth and soft. 

I think people will like or dislike the scent, I personally found it very over powering and quite perfumed which put me off a bit. Sadly I didn't know what the scent would be until I bought it because the store had no samples to try out, but I bought it anyway to see if this one would be hair treatments.

 Another thing I found odd was there was no instructions on the packaging on how to use the hair treatment but because I had used hair treatment before I applied the same steps as I would any other treatment. Firstly I washed my hair with shampoo then towel dyed and ringed out my hair. Next I applied about a table spoon of the hair treatment to my mid lengths and ends, leaving it on for about 3-5 mins then wash it off. My hair did feel very soft and smooth once dyed and was very easy to brush but the strong scent was still in my hair which I didn't like.

 Later I did find directions on their website saying to- Massage treatment into damp hair and leave for 10 minutes. Comb through and rinse clean. However I wouldn't suggest bring it all the way to the roots if you have thick hair like me, because it is a very thick consistency. If not rinsed out properly  as I've found in the past it can lead to irritation on your scalp.

I'd say if your on a budget this is a good cheap alternative to salon hair treatments and it does work it made my hair nice and soft. Would I purchase it again? probably not because of the overpowering scent it was too perfumed- if they came out with more subtle scents I'd reconsider.


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