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Hi Lovelies
Many of you know me as a Beauty Blogger and Photographer and few of you may not know I'm also a qualified Makeup Artist. I don't often talk about my services because juggling three passions and a part time job can get a bit much. Being a freelancer meant I could work for myself but it also meant I had to work hard to gain exposure in a fast paced industry.
My fascination with makeup started when I first began working with makeup artists when I was photographing little fashion shoots for my portfolio at Uni. It always intrigued me what they had in their makeup kit, what each makeup brush did and of course the vast range of makeup brands they used.
Around the same time I also discovered beauty gurus on Youtube. Their tips and tricks at applying makeup captivated me. I was introduced to a whole new world of makeup brands which started my 'makeup addiction' (guilt face). It was then that I was encouraged to take a makeup course to pursue my passion for makeup. I took a part time course at The Makeup School in Ponsonby, which helped me discover even more about makeup artistry than I thought I knew. Once I graduated from my course I really wanted to get into freelancing but I realised it was very difficult to gain exposure as a new makeup artist. There's that saying "Its who you know" and I only knew a few friends and family members who would want their makeup done now and then. Clients were hard to come by and that's why I came to putting my freelancing on hold.
Saying this, I've gained a bit of hope recently. I've come across an online service called Beauty Book which aims to help freelance makeup artists connect with prospective clients via a website booking platform.

Beauty Book's mission is to showcase makeup artists talents and create a supportive artistry community, as well as help clients book freelancers from the comfort of their own homes. Beauty Book manages the booking and promotional dimension of a freelancer’s business.
In this way, Beauty Book becomes an artist's 24/7 receptionist.
Beauty Book is launching officially on the 10th June online at

So how do you join Beauty Book!

If you are a Makeup Artist wanting to join you can simply sign up by creating a profile. To sign up for a year as a Makeup Artist you pay a fee of $109.00, however there is currently a pre-launch offer available. If you sign up within the month of June 2016 and use the code 'BB' you will only have to pay $80.00 for the first year (that's the price of just one client makeover).
Beauty Book will help showcase your work to thousands of potential clients, grow your business, and  enable you to be part of a dynamic beauty community. 
On your profile you will be encouraged to fill out a bio where Beauty Book asks a series of questions that are informative, interesting and personalised. I really like this idea as you can express who you are as a makeup artist to appeal to a customer. Along with the bio you will also be able to add your available services, and relevant pricing/time. Freelancers can choose if they would like to travel to a customer or if they prefer customers to come to them.

If you're someone looking for a Makeup Artist, you can sign up for free by creating an account. From there you can browse for freelancers in your preferred city or region.

When you come across a makeup artist's profile, their profile will display an availability calendar, price/service list and a background on the artist with qualifications, specialities and how many years in the industry etc. 
You will be able to browse through portfolio pictures of the artist's most recent work. Plus you can select whether the artist travels to your destination, or if you would prefer to come to them.
Once you book with your chosen makeup artist, this will be supported by an email and text reminder of your appointment.

Here's one of my favourite makeup looks I created for my final fashion exam.
Model- Holly from Clyne
Photographer- Max Lemesh

Every freelancer that signs up before 30th June will go in the draw to win the 'Ultimate Artistry Kit'. Pictured above that is worth over $2,000!


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