MoYou London- Explorer 03

Hi Lovelies
This week The Beauty Collective sent me this very interesting Stamping Nail Art Starter Kit by MoYou London in the style 'Explorer'.
I've personally never had my nails professional done and this kit is definitely a cheaper alternative to creating some unique nail art designs!  
In the kit comes a stamping plate with some very detailed floral patterns, a stamp, a scraper and a MoYou nail polish in the shade Olive Tree.

 'Olive Tree' Nail Polish and Stamp

The Explorer 03 plate comes with 12 very detailed floral designs.

How it works!
Firstly have your nails painted a desired colour or colours, so you have a base colour to work with and let them dry as usual.
Next step is to choose another nail polish colour that you want your nail design to be.

Grab your plate and pick a design you like then place a decent amount of nail polish over the design to fully cover it, next use the scraper to scrap away the top layer of nail polish so that you should be left with the nail polish taking the shape of the design, then quickly grab your stamp and stamp down on the design and lift it off the plate.
You should now see the design outline on your stamper.
Now quickly roll the stamp over your chosen nail to transfer the design onto your nail and you should be left with a pretty design and repeat for each nail.
You can be really creative with these kits by mixing designs together and switching up your nail polish colours! There are numerous nail art youtube videos that are really helpful in showing you how to apply your nail art which I found helpful because when I first started using this kit it was a bit confusing.

Above is my first attempted at nail art stamping the base shade is 'In The Buff' (cream) by Australis and design shade is 'Over The Knee' (chocolate) by Essie.

For my second attempt I used the MoYou London nail polish that came with the kit called 'Olive Tree' and paired it with this gorgeous pink called 'Madison Ave-hue by Essie

Scraper (realised I hadn't photographed)

There are so many designs to choose from in the Moyou kits from mandala to tropical, fairytale and kaleidoscope themes. I'm so tempted to try out some more!

Purchase from TheBeautyCollective and in store at Farmers NZ.


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