LUSH 'The Experimenter' and 'Intergalatic' Bath bomb

Hi Lovelies
I'm back with more Lush bath bombs and some brand new ones too! I picked up The Experimenter and Intergalatic to review.
As always I've included bath art and close up images.
Twilight is my favourite bath bomb so I had to pick another up! You can find my Twilight bath bomb review here.

Bath Bomb

Inspired by space the Intergalactic bath bomb is a mix of refreshing peppermint, vetivert and cedarwood with popping candy.
Intergalactic is definitely the perfect name for this bath bomb once it starts frizzing in the bath it looks like a distance galaxy of stars and swirls of pink, yellow and blue look like a milky way.
The scent is so relaxing this bath bomb has definitely become a favourite!

Once the bath bomb has frizzed out the bath water ends up looking like a deep blue ocean with so many sliver glitters twinkling like stars. Even when I got out of the bath there was glitter stuck to my skin, but you won't believe how much glitter was left in the bath when the water was all drained out!

Bath Bomb

The Experimenter bath bomb is like two bath bombs in one made with popping candy, fair trade vanilla absolute and tonka bean.

When first placed in the bath there was definitely an explosion of colour, mostly pink, blue and yellow then the colours started to mix together to create a light olive forrest green shade that the bath water ended up being, with lots of twinkling sliver sparkles floating about.
 It frizz for a little while but it wasn't as exciting as it was hype to be as you can tell by the photos.
Saying that the scent is so calming and relaxing, very sweet and floral. Plus my skin felt really moisturised afterwards and I was left with a few sparkles on my skin I thought this bath bomb was going to be really colourful and I was expecting to get some great 'bath art' photos sadly not this time but I may purchase this bath bomb again to see if it is any different.

I was expecting prettier bath art but maybe i'm just being picky.

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