Hair & Me- Intense Repair Hair Mask

Hi Lovelies
So I've been looking for some at home hair treatments and masks lately because I have coloured my hair so much over the years, which has really damaged my hair.
Luckily this hair mask came at a perfect time as I had just got my hair freshly coloured and bleached too. The lovely team at Hair & Me sent me out their new Intense Repair Hair Mask to review and trial to get my hair back to it's natural state!
Intense Repair Hair mask is designed to offer your hair UV and heat protection, soothe dry and irritated scalps as well as stimulate blood flow to encourage natural hair growth, prevent hair loss plus moisturise and strengthen while offering a soothing and calming peppermint scent.

One packet has about 3-5 uses and all their products are- Sulphate free, Paraben free, Colour safe, Australian Made and Not tested on animals!

Hair & Me- Intense Repair Hair Mask
100% Natural Pre Shampoo
Said to firstly dampen hair and apply Intense Repair Hair Mask, leave it on for 20-30 mins then rinse off and shampoo and condition as normal.
While in the shower I wet my hair and estimated at least 20 mins of leaving my hair in the mask. When applying it, it did feel start to feel soft but be warned the peppermint scent is very intense like the name suggests.
I quite like the scent it reminds me of a minty chocolate bar or a candy cane!
The consistency is very mushy and grainy which could seem off putting, but once rubbed together in my hands it turned more into an oil like consistency.
I only applied it to my ends as that is where I can get the most damage, but it is designed to be applied through all your hair from roots to ends.
As always after washing my hair I continue with a hydrating cream or oil mist to my damp hair and blow dry.

I felt this hair mask has helped with keeping my hair soft and some what strengthen it. I will continue to use it as part of my hair routine to see if my hair gets better with each wash. I find hair masks are a great first step in revitalising dry and damaged hair. I will also do an update on my instagram @LolaaBeauty if I notice any more changed in my hair's condition as well.

Hair after treatment! (below)

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