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Hi Lovelies
I got to choose some makeup products from World Organic a while back and finally have had time to review them and since receiving these product I have since been approached by World Organics to photograph all their makeup and skin care products for their Instagram and Facebook, so if you see the occasional makeup flat lay and floral skin care photograph they will most likely be mine! 

World Organics has a makeup range called The Organic Skin Co. which is cruelty free, Vegan, USDA Organic and  BioGro which means ‘Made with Organic’, meaning that a minimum of 70% organic ingredients go into each product, or that they are ‘Organic’, with a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. It also means that the remaining ingredients are non-toxic, free of harmful synthetic chemicals and GMO ingredients, and pose no known risk to health or the environment.

World Organics was created by founder Megan Douglas who passionately believes that a natural, holistic lifestyle can change our lives for the better. The TOSC range allows you to express yourself, rather than cover up your natural beauty.

At the time I decided to choose a lipstick, a lipgloss, a cream blush, a foundation and an eyeshadow palette that I was first sent and hopefully I will get my skin care review up soon as well!

As you might have noticed The Organic Skin Co. range all have bamboo lids the FSC symbol on their packaging lets you know that it is sourced from sustainable forestry card. Plus they only print with vegetable inks.

Made with 72.95% Organic Ingredients (30ml)

At the moment World Organic only have four foundation shades that range from fair to tanned but they are working on much dark shades of foundation for all skin tones.

The bottle comes with a pump and is a light to medium coverage. I choose the lightest shade 'Rose Sand' it is a light weight foundation that offers a natural coverage but I wasn't sure about the coverage it left on my skin. As always I am completely honest on what I think about products even if they are sent to me and I'm not so sure about this foundation as I have quite dry skin, when I tried to blend it, it looked quite patchy, it stuck to dry patches on my skin and felt super drying that I had to wipe it off straight away.
Even though I had moisturised and primed before hand as I normally do before any foundation application this foundation isn't for me. Keeping in mind as I only have one skin type this may be more suited for normal or oily skin but I felt like it wasn't for my dry skin.

Made with pure minerals and extracts (8g)

There are 6 eyeshadow palettes to choose from in this range each with a combination of Shimmer and Matte eyeshadows made of pure minerals and extracts.
These small compacts are great travel size or for keeping in your makeup bag.
I found the first 3 shades very pigmented and blendable but 'Canvas' the pale yellow shade was quite chalky and was difficult to blend.

Top Row-
Silk (Matte)
Orchid (Shimmer)

Bottom Row-
Bamboo (Matte)
Canvas (Matte)

*Since trying out some of their other palettes their shimmer shades are amazing its just their lighter pale shades that are matte tend to be a bit chalky and not as pigmented.

Made with 73% Organic Ingredients (3ml)

I was very interested in this cream blush as I haven't tried too many. 'Tulip' is one of three cream blushes from The Organic Skin Co. range it is a beautiful rose pink with a tint of peach that looks metallic when swatched. I think Tulip will suit a lot of skin tones, it is a super smooth formula that blends effortlessly into the skin with a velvety luminous finish. I would recommend using a stippling brush with cream blushes, plus a little bit goes a long way. I love the glow it gives to your cheeks and it is very hydrating!

Two other shades Lotus and Navajo

Made with 70% Organic Ingredients (4.3g)

The Organic Skin Co. have 10 lipstick shades to choose from, from nude pinks to oranges, bright pinks, reds and deep plums. You can find all the range here.

I picked 'Blossom' its a gorgeous bright fuchsia pink with a sheen finish, definitely a good choice if you want to add a pop of colour to your lips. 
Their lipsticks have deeply nourishing ingredients that help moisturize and repair the lips and I can say they definitely are! It doesn't feel like your wearing anything on your lips which I personally like in a lipstick.
Since photographing for World Organics I also now have the whole lipstick collection and was thinking about reviewing them altogether. Let me know in the comments if you're interested!

Made with 92% Organic Ingredients (9ml)

I've started to wear lipgloss quite a lot now, giving my lips a break from all those drying liquid lipsticks!
Meadow is a perfect neutral pinky nude to wear anytime of day. This lipgloss is very moisturising on the lips though it won't last you all day, I've been wearing this shade a lot to work and have got a few compliments.

Its ingredients include supercritical extract of Calendula, as well as organic Castor Oil and Rosehip Oil, ensure that the lips not only shine, but stay nourished, protected and moisturised.
There are also 5 choices of lipgloss from this range from peaches, pinks to plums.

You can find any of these products at



  1. The colors in the eyeshadow quad look sooo nice, and with the wooden packaging it gets even more beautiful to look at! :D Nice blog btw! :)

    1. Thank you hun! :) yes the bamboo is really unique for makeup packaging, and really suite this organic type of brand!