Kylie Cosmetics- Kylie Lip Kits

Hi Lovelies
You can guess my excitement when I finally purchased two of the very in demand Kylie Lip Kits!
I had tried once before and was unsuccessful but this time round refreshing the website and dashing between two computer I successfully got Candy K and Poise K!
Kylie Jenner the Kardashian's youngest sister and the founder of Kylie Cosmetics
Kylie is known for her lips and became very well know for her choice of nude lipsticks, she had talked  and dreamed about creating her own makeup range for years.
These liquid lipstick have been rumored to be dupes for Colourpop and they are in fact made at the same factory but not made of the same formula. I own some Colourpop liquid lipsticks myself and can say these are definitely not the same.

Shipping and Price
Since posting photos of these on instagram I've got a lot of questions from Kiwi girls about shipping and how much these cost.

I purchased my two lip kits on the 22nd of March, four days later I was told it was shipped on the 26th of March and I was also given my tracking number, it then took 5 days to get here on the 31st of March! So nine days altogether from first purchasing to receiving it.
One Kylie Lip Kit is $29 USD= $42 NZD (rounded to nearest dollar)
International Shipping is $14.95 USD = $22 NZD (rounded to nearest dollar)

The packaging is gorgeous from the boxes to the products Kylie has really put pride in making her products quality, she even goes in to the factory where her lip kits are made and helps out.

With the product comes with a card of her iconic dripping lips with a hand written message form Kylie.

Each box has the colour of the lipstick dripping on the lips and around the edge of the box and the grills (teeth) are holographic.

Each Lip Kit comes with a Matte Liquid Lipstick and matching Lip Liner.

Keep in mind liquid lipsticks tend to look slightly different in colour on different skin tones, as I found out with these two shades.

Candy K
Soft Warm Nude

Candy K has to be my favourite!  Nude lipsticks are my go to shades for every day and perfect to wear to work. This shade actually look like a beige nude on my skin tone, I was expecting it to be lighter because of photos I've seen but it is a perfect nude that will suit a lot of skin tones.

The scent of these liquid lipsticks at first I though smelt like a mix of cherry and vanilla and then other times I think they smell like cupcakes. The formula of the liquid lipsticks are very runny and with one swatch these are so pigmented a little bit goes along way.
The lip liners are also very pigmented and so creamy these have been the best lipliner i've ever used!

Poise K
Dusty Mauve Pink

I love this shade in a lipstick even though Posie K looks a lot more of brighter pink in some photos i've seen on instagram but I think like most liquid lipsticks it comes down to your skin tone, this shade looks more of a darker mauve pink on myself.

I'm really interest to try more shade like Koko K and 22 are definitely next on my list!
Since purchasing these Kyle has since come out with some nude lip gloss and metallic liquid lipsticks inspired by Coachella.



  1. Oh my gosh! Well done on actually getting your hands on these. I really want a couple but just can not be bothered missing out on line all the time. Hopefully they become more easily available here soon!

    Analesha x

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