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Hi Lovelies
I've been on the look out for a new skin care brand to try out especially one with natural ingredients that is hand made with has no nasties, as I've perviously said I have quite sensitive skin so i'm very careful on what products I use.

I came across Bossy  Cosmetics through instagram and discovered that they are PETA approved, Vegan cruelty free and hand made in New Zealand. Bossy Cosmetic sell Body, Bath and Beauty products. So I decided to purchased one of their body washes, a moisturiser and an under eye melt to try out!

Moisturiser Fluff is a mousse creamy texture packed with luxury butters, oils and rejuvenation essential oils that are known for their saving and anti-ageing properties.

It has an amazing scent, its has hard to explain, it is definitely sweet and fruity but creamy at the same time, once I saw the ingredients it was made of you'd agree it was hard to put a descriptive scent to this Moisturiser Fluff it is packed with Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender and Patchouli, Sweet Almond, Shear Butter, Jojoba and Tangerine.
After I've cleansed my skin, I apply a small amount to my face and neck morning and night.
Plus a little bit of Moisturiser Fluff goes a long way, this little pot will last you quite a while!

After just a few uses I really would recommend this moisturiser it left my face feeling soft, rejuvenated, and definitely moisturised!

Unicorn Fluff
Body Wash and Shave Mousse

Unicorn Fluff is a fun bright body wash with a strong scent of bubblegum. It is definitely a fluffy mousse like formula, a thick consistency that will bubble and foam when lathered, leaving your skin nice and soft, the scent also fades once you have washed it off.
 I would only use this as a body wash not a shave mousse personally because I don't shave in the shower just because I have sensitive skin. What do you use you ask? I use an electric razor to shave my legs (serious so quick and easy). But if you are wanting to de-fluff as they put it- simply create a lather and use a fresh razor.

Under Eye Melt
Morning and Night Treatment

I've been looking for an under eye cream for some time now and it was recommend by gorgeous Tessy from @makeupforpandas who i've meet though instagram. Plus when I saw all the positive reviews on their website I thought I'd give it a go.
Under Eye Melt is so creamy and gentle on my under my eyes it also has a subtle lavender scent.
The melting eye butter stick looks a bit like a lip balm but this amazing cream has some appealing ingredients with Caffeine for an instant lifting effect, Vitamin E, Carrot and Evening Primrose Oil to moisturise.

I just apply a bit under each eye and pat it down with my ring finger to blend it out. It is said to tone your under eye area keeping it looking youthful and can even be used to treat laugh lines and between the brow. It reduces puffiness and reduces the appearance of & prevents fine lines & wrinkles, which I don't have just yet but it has been great for my puff eyes when I have had a good night sleep the night before!

Let me know what you have tried form Bossy Cosmetics!?

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