LUSH- Valentine's Day

Hi Lovelies
One brand I love to review is LUSH and their fresh handmade cosmetics this brand is amazing they are fighting against animal testing, are 100% vegetarian, buy ethically sourced ingredients and each year they bring out new products for all kinds of social occasions like Christmas, Halloween and Valentines day.

For Valentines Day Lush have come out with some limited edition products you will fall in love with! So I decided to pick up one of their bath bombs, a shower cream and a lip scrub to try out.

Whether your spending time with that special someone or your a single pringle you can still treat yourself with these goodies! 

Lip Scrub

You may have seen my review on my much loved lip scrub Popcorn and ever since purchasing it I have been intrigued to try out another flavour. So when Lush's Valentines Day range came along I couldn't pass up the chance to try one of their limited edition scrubs.

I can already say The Kiss is seriously yummy and also so easy to use, just gently sweep the scrub all over your lips and lick it off! It leaves your lips feeling soft and of course kissable!
A little bit goes a long way and this pot will definitely last you a long time. Scrubs are a great exfoliant for your lips if they feel dry or are flaking, plus their perfect to get rid of all those dead skin cells.

The pink sugar is a smooth blend of fine sea salt, caster sugar and Fair Trade cocoa butter that softens the skin, leaving you with that delicious taste on the lips. It has a sweet and salty taste of almond and mandarin oil. Apparently the little red hearts you will see mixed in the sugar are edible too. This little scrub is definitely something you can share with your Valentine!

Bath Bomb

Lush bath bombs are the reason i've started taking baths again they just make baths so much more enjoyable and perfect to wind down after a long day, there hasn't been one bath bomb I haven't liked yet.

Lover Lamp is a very luxurious bath bomb made of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter with a chocolate orange scent which is a very sweet and subtle scent, I prefer a bath bomb that isn't overpowering.

When placed in the bath it really frizzes quite fast. The bath water goes a pure white milky colour and out pops all these floating little red confetti hearts, as well as 3 bigger coco butter hearts you will see on the outer shell of the bath bomb, these are so moisturizing for the skin. I felt very relaxed and my skin felt soft and moisturized afterwards it also left a subtle fragrance on my skin too. Perfect to have just before bedtime!

Shower Cream 250g

Prince Charming shower cream has an amazing scent of pomegranate juice, marshmallow root, fair trade vanilla pod and grapefruit oil. Apparently Prince Charming was also out last year as a shower gel and they have bought it back as a cream which is much more moisturizing, you can even wash your hair with it.

Just apply it as you would a liquid soap, Prince Charming is very rich in colour, a thick consistency, is an opaque pinky red lustre with silver sparkles throughout it.
It lightens to a light pink when applied with water and leaves your skin with a subtle fragrance, which didn't last to long sadly.
I also tried it out with the Lover Lamp bath bomb and my skin was left feeling so soft with a soothing scent.
Let me know if you pick up any of these product and what you did for Valentines Day!?


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