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Hi Lovelies
I had only just come across EVE Lashes instagram when they asked me if I wanted to try out some of their gorgeous lashes and perfect timing too as I've been looking for another lash brand to try out.
At the moment there are four lash designs all completely different styles from natural day time to night time party looks along with each design is suggested for all different eye shapes.

All EVE Lashes are 100% handmade with a blend of human and synthetic hair and are cruelty free.
I love supporting kiwi brands and finding out how they all started, EVE Lashes is based in Queenstown created by Genevieve Warburton a qualified makeup artist who studied at The Makeup School in Ponsonby (me too!)
Genevieve originally couldn't seem to find lashes that she loved to use on her cilents and so she decided to created her own.
EVE Lashes also offer a subscription service where you can subscribe to have your lashes auto delivered to your door each month or purchase them individually. For an automatic delivery you are able to pick the styles and quantity you want to have for each month. 

Eve lashes also offer free shipping on all orders plus are 40% cheaper if you subscribe to their auto delivery!

It wasn't till my makeup course that I started wearing lashes and ever since have loved how much they can really change your eyes and make them pop plus can be that final added touch to your eye makeup look!

The 'Shanny' Lashes

These lashes are an ideal "day time" lash option perfect if you are after something soft and natural or are new to wearing lashes and don't want anything too over the top. The Shanny lashes would have to be my favourite out of all four if I could have natural looking lashes like these, these are exactly how I would want them to look! 

They have a thin black lash band, which can be tricky at times to apply, but they make for a gorgeous eye look. It looks like you have a hint of of eye liner or even better bends in with your eyeliner!
They are a great pick if you have smaller or deep set eyes, they are also a great pick for monolids!

The 'Larah' Lashes

These lashes are perfect for creating a glamorous makeup look. I would definitely wear these on a night out and can even see these being ideal for Ball season.

They have a clear lash band which I personally prefer, the lashes are in knotted bunches that flare out with a subtle curl, these are also super volumizing.
The Larah lashes are a great pick if you have prominent or down turned eyes! 

The 'Taryn' Lashes

Another favourite! These lashes are super versatile, perfect for both a daytime/work look or for a night out on the town.
Also on a clear lash band, the lashes starting at the inner corner are quite sparse and very natural, on the outer corner they fan out to fuller natural lashes with a curl.
They are a great pick if you have almond shaped or down turned eyes.

The 'Charlie' Lashes

These very dramatic lashes will deffinitley make your eyes pop!
If you are a party girl these are some serious party lashes, perfect if you're after a bold look.

These may look a bit daunting in the pack but they are really gorgeous fluttery lashes once applied the lashes appear fanned out at different lengths, are thick and defined pointy lashes.

Described as being a great pick if you have prominent or larger eyes! 

Let me know your favourite EVE lashes?


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