Zoeva- 'En Taupe' Palette

Hi Lovelies
So I loved my Zoeva 'Cocoa Blend' palette so much I had to get their newest 'En Taupe' eyeshadow palette!
The En Taupe palette has some very beautiful cooler toned shades and of course lots of taupes.
Personally I would say this palette leans more towards being an evening to night time palette that you can create some amazing fashionable eye makeup looks with.
En Taupe also came out with it's own set of eye makeup brushes which came with 6 professional brushes and a clutch, unfortunately I didn't purchase this set but Zoeva brushes are still on my to get list!

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At first I didn't know what to do with this palette as i'm so use to warm neturals and warm browns. But I needed to step out of my comfort zone and try different shades so I thought the En Taupe palette was a perfect place to start as I have never really used taupe shades before.
These eyehadows are so pigments and buttery they are just so easy to blend, like I've said before in my 'Cocoa Blend' palette review I would say they are similar to Lorac Pro eyeshadows.
The palette itself is very slim and sleek, it comes in a sleeve that has the same design on it as the palette itself. When opening the lid it also has a magnetic shut tight lid but unfortunately it has no mirror inside, instead it has the unique design following continuously right around the lid.

Too look at it you don't see much of the holographic pattern rather just dark blue lines but when photographed you can see it's amazing holographic pattern shining through the criss crossing lines.

As you can see the lighting isn't the best (i'm working on getting a better selfie taking camera)
But I used the shades 'Stitch by Stitch' for the lid as a base, then continued with 'Hour by Hour' as a transition crease shade followed by using 'Old Master' in the outer crease then 'Exquisite' to deepen the crease.
These shades are perfect with an eyeliner, this is normally my go to look for a night out.
Lipstick is Mac Twig.

Top Row-
Stitch by Stitch- (Matte) Vanilla Cream shade perfect for a base on the lid
Handmade- Duo chrome of a peachy pink and gold champagne, so gorgeous!
Gallery- (Matte) Perfect taupe
Hour by Hour- (Matte) Pink neutral taupe, great crease shade
Old Master- Grey taupe with gold sparkles

Bottom Row-
Spun Pearl- Silver pearl perfect for inner corner/brow bone highlight
Sheers and Voiles- Shimmery grey silver
Outline- Warm tone satin taupe
Wrapped in Silk- Cool tone satin taupe
Exquisite- (Matte) A beautiful neutral wine shade, a fave!

Let me know what's your favourite eyeshadow palette from Zoeva?


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