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Hi Lovelies
NKD have just realeased their new packaging and an amazing new product for your skin!
Lately i've been really getting into skin care as I think it is so important for makeup lovers who also wear makeup on the daily to take extra special care of their skin.
I also think hair care is just as important for some one like me who has very dry damaged hair from dying it (quite) a lot.
So i've purchased some pamper products for when i'm giving my skin and hair a break from all that makeup and hair dye.
Also if you are interested in purchasing one of NKD's products I have a beauty blogger discount code 'LOLA' to get 10% off any product from NKDBody.com

The three products I purchased are NKD Hair- Citrus, NKD Butter- Coconut and NKD Face- Clay Mask.

NKD's Clay Mask was my first product to try out of the their range, as you can see pictured on left is the old packaging, having just run out of product, my new one arrived just in time.
It is such a gentle face mask for my skin I really do feel like it makes my skin softer and cleansed. Like most face masks I just apply it with my fingers and wash it off with warm water when it has dried. I always apply a face mask when i'm having a makeup free day or after having a full face of makeup all day I like to wear one just before bed time.

Said to be suitable for all skin types, helps dry skin, acne prone skin, overly oily skin, breakouts and blackheads.
The main ingredient White Kaolin Clay is said to help stimulate circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing . The clay absorbs waste, harmful toxins, oil, dirt and other nasties whilst penetrating its natural minerals deep into the skin.
Besides the clay, the mask also features Grapefruit Oil and Spirulina, perfect for repairing and bring hydration to the skin.

I also have an old review if you want to see how I felt about it then aswell
Heres my old review.

Like i've said before my hair has gotten really dry especially when dying and bleaching it recently, so i've been looking for some new hair treatments or masks to try out.

As I already love the Clay Mask from NKD I though I would give their Hair product a go too.
This NKD hair product is said to be perfect for assisting in hair growth and thickening, as well as hydrating, repairing and treating all at once!
NKD Hair is best used on freshly washed damp hair, apply from the roots to the ends and leave on for 5-10 minutes then risen out with warm water.
I left this product in for the whole 10 mins to get full use and benefits out of it and from just washing it out I could feel my hair had gotten softer already.

Once dry it did feel a lot more softer, but my hair is still very damaged so I will need to continue with this product to see if it helps re hydrate my hair as time goes on.

It has a very citrus scent which I personally don't really like but its not an overpowering scent and I can't smell it on my hair afterwards. Tip! apply this product after shampoo and before conditioner otherwise it won't work as I first discovered on my first trial.

For best results us NKD Hair twice a week, if you have dry hair, split ends or are wanting to add a bit of shine to your hair.

The main ingredients include Argan Oil, which is packed full of Vitamin E – perfect for hydration, Pawpaw Leaf Extract - well known for reducing hair thinning and boosting hair strength, Green Tea Extract, Orange Peel Oil & Lime Oil.

NKD's newest product and first Body Butter called 'Coconut' is an all over body moisturiser that smells like a combination of Coconut and Shear Butter, which is a very pleasant scent.

It's a thick consistency so a little goes a long way, this product will definitely last you a while. Being in a slim packet also makes for an ideal product to travel with along with any other product from NKD.

To apply you just gently massage the body butter into your skin daily after showering, I also found that it quickly soaked into my skin which was a plus as I was able to get dressed quickly and it didn't get on my clothes.
My skin definitely feels softer and moisturised!
For best result said to use everyday.

Along with your product you get a cute postcard size piece of art work with some up lifting quotes!

I also love that NKD are Not Animal test, Vegan and 99% Natural!
Let me you which product you have been loving?


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