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Hi Lovelies! 
I was so excited to receive a parcel from the very generous Michael Hill Jeweller to review some of their pieces from the new Emma & Roe range. Michael Hill are known to create timeless designs and quality pieces so of course I was very interested in trying out their newest line of jewellery.
I was also intrigued as to what the name of the brand actually meant, and found out that Emma & Roe is named after two special women in Michael Hill's life- Emma his daughter and Roe is his wife Christine's maiden name.

Emma & Roe are a very feminine, versatile and classic jewellery range, designed for you and your story, where you can pick pieces that express your own personal style.

This parcel also came just in time especially with Valentines Day around the corner so if you are wanting to drop a few hints to your other half or wanting to buy a special something for that special someone, what could be more meaningful than some beautiful personalised jewellery pieces.

Once I saw the gorgeous packaging the pieces came in I knew I had to photograph them with one of my favourite flowers- Carnations.
I picked out some Stacker Rings, a Charm Bangle and two Charms all pieces exclusive to Emma & Roe.

Stacker Rings

Emma & Roe have design ranges - simple and eye catching with choices of silver, gold and rose gold plus many shades of cubic zirconias to choose from.
You can mix and match stacker rings or wear them alone to create your own personal style.
I'm always changing what rings I will wear each day, in fact rings are my go to pieces of jewellery. You most likely won't find me without wearing at least one ring, so of course the first pieces of jewellery I picked out are these Stacker Rings which came in a cute little round box, I straight away thought just pop a bow on top and it's the perfect gift!

White Cubic Zirconia Heart Ring

I love anything heart shaped so of course this was the first style I searched for and in doing so I came across this eye catching piece a 'White Cubic Zirconia Heart ring.
The ring is sterling silver, pave set with white cubic zirconia's in the shape of a heart. When it catches the light it really sparkles, the cubic zirconias appear different sizes from the centre piece it has the biggest stone then spreads out into smaller stones to the edge of the heart. It also has a thin ring band which makes for a very elegant piece.

This ring is part of the 'Love Stacks' stacker rings that can be worn together so I thought I would pick more rings to stack it with, but this ring is also gorgeous to wear on its own.

Speaking of a special someone this piece would be perfect for Valentines Day and I have just discover that Emma & Roe have come out with some new arrivals for Valentines Day featuring a lot of heart shaped pieces!

You can find the 'White Cubic Zirconia Heart Ring' here.
This style of heart ring also comes in Pink Cubic Zirconias and Purple Cubic Zirconias

I picked this ring out for a pop of colour to add to my stacker rings though the photo on the website was a bit deceiving as the cubic zirconias appear to look ruby in colour but in person they appear more purpley red hence why their called burgundy.
It is a slim ring band with beautiful burgundy cubic zirconia's in cased in sterling silver.

This ring is best stacked with other rings and if you're loving the burgundy cubic zironias there are four other rings with the same stone in different designs. For example it would be gorgeous paired with a single stone ring also called the 'Burgundy Cubic Zirconia Stack Ring'  or another rings in just plain sterling silver like the stacker rings I have chosen myself.

You can find the 'Burgundy Cubic Zirconia Stack Ring' here.
This style of ring also comes in a range of different Cubic Zirconia's in the colours- Blue, Aqua, Champagne, Purple, Pink and Black

I think if you have one stand out ring you always need a subtle ring to stack it with,
I though this ring would be perfect paired with the 'White Cubic Zirconia Heart' ring I first mentioned. Another nice slim ring band and so shiney you can see your own reflection in the hearts! 
I love it's unique contemporary design, the hearts link side by side appearing right side up and upside down, I can see these this ring being quite popular! The dainty hearts are very simple yet eye catching suitable for any age to wear.

You can find this piece here.

This style of running hearts ring also comes in 10ct Rose Gold and 10ct Yellow Gold

I've been looking for a bangle just like this one for a while now and I was so excited to find out that Emma & Roe make them too! I've just recently got back into wearing more bracelets and bangle as I said before rings are normally my go to jewellery pieces. A piece of jewellery like a charm bangle can be really special.

What's so versatile about this bangle is that you can wear it alone with a single charm or with lots of different charms! It is a very classic piece perfect for growing your charm collection, the charm bangle is made of sterling silver with a polished finish, and secured with a signature Emma & Roe clasp.

You can find the charm bangle here.
Charm Bangle and Charms 
I think charm bracelets are a great way of creating your own unique customized jewellery, you can pick charms that have a special meaning or tell a personal story. There are so many ways to style your own charm bangle or bracelet by choosing pieces that reflect who you are, what you love, what you do or where your from or going.

For example I plan on getting other charms  for my bangle like a 'Camera' not only to symbolise that I'm a photographer but also to reflect on that I graduated from Uni with a Dipolma in Contemporary Photography which was a huge acheivement in my life. Thinking about that a graduation cap charm would be perfect too.
Also graduating as a Makeup Artist last year if I can find a charm to represent graduation too, like lipstick or a makeup brush charm.

I also thought about getting charms that reflect where I've travelled to 'Eiffel Tower' for France, 'Big Ben' for London, 'State of Liberty' for NYC and 'Palm Tree' for Fiji

And lastlty cat lovers will know what I mean when I say I want a cat charm, but this cat charm will be in memory of my childhood cat Tui.

Emma & Roe have so many charms to choose from that I found myself scrolling through pages and pages, but I finally came across this beautiful 'Created Ruby Heart' stone that caught my eye because Ruby is my birthstone for July I though it would be a fitting piece to start off my charm collection.

The stone is 'Created Ruby' cut in the shape of a heart that is fitted in a sterling silver dangle charm. This piece is so beautiful and vibrant the stone has a gorgeous sparkle when it catches the light. The charm its self made of sterling silver has a swirly effect and a detailed border around the the created ruby which forms the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous gem. 

Dangle charms add a nice break to a charm bracelets or bangle it can be the main focus or add a bit of interest to your standard row of charms.

You can find the Created Ruby Heart charm here.

To add to my charm collection I came across his super cute Daisy charm that can also be added to my Charm bangle. Apart from wanting a floral charm  I found out that the Daisy also has a lot of symbolic meaning- Youth, Purity, Life, Creativity and Joy.
When picking charms I wanted them to have meaning, so when I found out that Daisy meant Joy, Joy is actually one of my middle names.
This daisy is sterling silver detailed with white enamel for the petal with the centre being 10ct yellow gold. The charm also has the face of the daisy on each side.

I though it would be an eye catching piece to wear on it's own or even paired with other floral charms
I can see this charm as being an everyday piece to wear, and very suitable for a younger person.
Emma & Roe have a great selection of flower themed pieces in silver and gold.
You can find the Daisy charm here.
You can find Emma & Roe online or instore at Michael Hill
Let me know your favourite piece of jewellery? Plus keep an eye out for more jewellery reviews to come!


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