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As it's now half way through Summer, I thought I better get my self tanning review up before it completely disappears, but on the plus side when you start to lose your natural tan, self tanners will keep you looking sun kissed anytime of the year!
I've been loving my Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam so much that I had to purchase their new 'Liquid Gold'- Self Tanning Dry Oil to review. Plus I've included some tanning tips that i've learnt over the years of self tanning that will hopefully help you beginners too.
Also with my new tan I finally got one of their reusable self tanning mitts to put to the test!

Tanning Tips 
Before tanning make sure you have exfoliated and shaved the night before or a few hours before you start to self tan. Exfoliating is definitely a must if you want your tan to last and look even and streak free.

Also just before tanning I would recommend moisturising your hands, feet, elbows and knees anywhere where you have creases in your skin because when applied over those creases tan can appear darker than it is leaving you looking like you've applied too much or even looking quite patchy. I've got to say knee and elbows are the worst when it comes to tanning for me because when my tan has faded off i'm always still left with tanned knees and elbows which takes forever to scrub off.

When it comes to tanning your hands and feet just use what's left over on your mitt don't reapply with more foam or spray this will just make your hands and feet darker than the rest of your body.

I haven't personally tried it but you can tan your face just use the same method as you would to tan your hands and feet by using whats left over on your mitt. If you wear makeup and wash your face morning and night the tan on your face will be the first to go within a few days, this is just one of the reasons why I don't tan my face as I just use a foundation shade to match my tan.

When applying a foam or spray tan definitely use a mitt or gloves don't use your bare hands as the tan will just stain them.

If you're not so flexible and can't reach your back, brands like Bondi Sands and Loving Tan sell back applicators to help you reach your back or you can just ask your mum, sister or boyfriend to help you tan your back with a mitt.

I find wearing a bikini is the best way to self tan and when the tan has dried I just put on flowy dress or over sized tee to wear for the time being while i'm waiting for my tan to develop. Plus i'd recommend not wearing white in case it transfers just wear dark old clothing you're not bothered about.

With all good tans in about a weeks time you will notice your tan will start to look patchy this means its fading so to scrub off your tan have a nice hot shower or even better have a long soak in the bath to help loosen the tan, use a loaf or exfoliating gloves to scrub off that old tan.

Liquid Gold
Self Tanning Dry Oil

There was quite a bit of hype when this tan first came out and I've been meaning to review it for quite some time now!

Liquid Gold is described as leaving your skin perfectly bronzed with a natural glow from within. 
Infused with the fresh scent of Coconut and hydrating Argan Oil, Liquid Gold is Bondi Sands longest lasting tan and conveniently requires no wash off.
I hadn't used a spray or dry oil tan before so it was a trial and error when testing it out for the first time.
You apply Liquid Gold by spraying it straight to your skin and using long sweeping motions with your mitt to keep it streak free. By the way apply this in the bath or shower as the spray can get everywhere! I wasn't sure what ratio to spray I actually lost count but I did do about two coats to each leg and arm, stomach and back etc.

What I love about this tan is that you don't have to wash it off afterwards you can get dressed in seconds and your good to go. The dry oil develops in 2-3 hours and lasts for up to a week, which it did! it lasted longer than a week and went the perfect bronze shade, this has to be the best tan I have used yet! I was not expecting this tan to go quite as dark as it did, unless I sprayed too much but its good to know it can go as dark as the foam tans can.

For a deeper tan reapply 30 minutes after application.

Reusable Self Tanning Mitt

The Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mitt enables you to apply an even streak-free, flawless tan with every use. The mitt is washable and reusable, and can be used with any of Bondi Sands tans from Mists to Foams and Lotions.

One side of the mitt is a very soft velvet which is perfect for applying your tan like I said before streak free. Also make sure you wash your mitt in warm water after each use so there is no residue or build up.

Self Tanning Foam
I love foam tans they are so easy to apply and dry in know time. This Self Tanning Foam is enriched with Aloe Vera and has a yummy fresh coconut scent!
With this tan you can wash it off in an hour or for a longer lasting darker tan you can leave the foam on for up to 6 hours. For a deeper tan you can also reapply 30 minutes after application!
For my first trial I left it on for the full 6 hours, I loved the shade this tan developed too and it looks so natural. I get the Dark shade as I like a nice dark tan but if your just starting off and want something a little more lighter there is a Light/Medium foam or a gradual tanning milk where you can control how tanned you want to be. This tan only lasted on me for about a week, it how ever with certain patches was quite hard to scrub off.
When I apply a foam tan I use about two pumps to each arm, thigh, lower leg, stomach and back, with my mitt applying in circular motions.


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  1. Loving the sun right now, but this could definitely be an option for me once it gets cooler. I'm loving my tan at the moment.