Hello Hair

Hi Lovelies
I'd seen Hello Hair all over Instagram, so I decided to see what all the hype was about!
Because I have had really dry hair from countless times of dying it I was really interested to see if it helped with really damaged hair.
Hello Hair Hydrating Mask is an oil treatment created to repair and revitalise dry hair.
Australian Made and Owned, Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly!


Coconut Oil
Helps recover damaged hair; adding luster, shine and softness to dry and stressed out hair. By preventing hair breakage and split ends.

Almond Oil 
Rich in vitamins and minerals, and has been used for centuries to add shine to hair and boost strength. It's high level of protein and Vitamin E makes it perfect for hair growth and preventing greying and hair loss. 

Argan Oil 
Hydrates hair, making it great for controlling manes that are unruly and damaged. It is also packed with Vitamin E and natural anti-oxidants which are real hair pleasers. 

Olive Oil 
To smooth split ends, reduce static, control dandruff and smooth the hair cuticle. 

Olive Leaf Extract 
Repairs, strengthens, hydrates and protects your hair. 

Castor Oil 
For Hair growth which benefit the roots and scalp by preventing drying of the hair.
Directions are to apply to dry hair and massage into scalp and apply all the way to the end of your hair but because I have very thick hair I found there was still product left in after washing my hair
so what I do now instead is apply it 2-3 inches from my roots to focus the product more on the parts of my hair that have been dyed simply because I have an ombre hair style.

To get the best result what I do is apply 'Hello Hair' in the afternoon or just before bed time to my dry hair so it can soak in over night.  It will feel greasy so I tired it up in bun.
Then wash it out the next day with shampoo and conditioner.

And heres the end result my hair feel so much soft and it so much easier to brush!
I really do like this product I would also really love to try out their limited edition hair mask too which also come in different scents Botanic Edition and Island Escape Edition.


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