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Jamberry has just launched online for New Zealand and Australia and I was contacted by one of their lovely hosts Heather all the way from California asking if I wanted to try some of their nail wraps. Once you see the designs you will know why I said yes!
If you haven't heard of the brand Jamberry they are nail wraps that are an easy do it yourself stick on nail art manicure!
Now I've never got my nails done professionally before just because it always seem so expensive, but I have found these a great cheaper alternative to having gorgeous looking nails!
I got one full size sheet as well as a lot of cute samples to try out.

Getting these samples were great to trial out first before using my full set of the 'Jewelry Box' nail wraps. So I thought I would create a few looks using the samples as accent nails paired with some nail polish.

First Trial
I'm so happy with my first attempt with the samples these are both clear wraps.
The purple one with triangles is called 'Island Energy' and the white with spirals is called 'White Romance' this would have to be one of my favouites!
I've paired these accent nails with Essie nail polish in 'Splash of Grenadine'
*Clear wraps are also ideal for placing over nail polish so it looks like you have a bottom coat and a top coat design.

These lasted really well by day 6 I noticed a bit of lifting on the inner part by the cuticles and by day 7 the edges where lifting up only a slight bit, as suggested I did re apply heat for 3-5 seconds and they stuck down for a little while longer but I think fluff from my clothes had got under the wraps which interfered with the stickiness.
With this design I got so many lovely comments while out shopping with this style I created, I'll definitely try this look again!

Second Trial
I then though I would try out some more samples for a bit of a blue theme this time
I use 'White Stripe' a clear wrap that I applied over the nail polish and 'Fractal' a kaleidoscope of blues which I paired with 'Essie's Bikini So Teeny' nail polish.

Application Kit
Along with my wraps I got a 'Application Kit' (nail prep kit) which included a cute purple pouch and inside it, it includes 2 alcohol wipes, a pair of nail scissors, a pair of nail clippers, 1 buffer block, 2 wooden sticks, 1 rubber cuticle pusher and 1 nail file.
$20 NZD

The cuticle pusher and alcohol wipes are definite musts when applying your wrap below I mention how to apply and remove them!

Jewelry Box
The full set of nail wraps I picked to try out are these gorgeous pink, cream and gold glitter graphic designs which I just love, its so me! These are new to the range and are described as a spunky mixed mani featuring hues of pink and gold sparkle for a flirty, fun look!
Each set of nail wraps includes two rows of wraps for your fingers and toes and just one wrap can be cut in half so you should be able to get two sets worth from one sheet.

A pack of nail wrap are $24 NZD
You can purchase the Jewelry Box Wrap here

Third Trial
 I attempted to trial these out for the whole two weeks as I hadn't done so for my first and second trial. Because Jamberry claim that they can stay on for about 2 weeks.

By day four the wraps on my index fingers were the first to budge but it may be due to the wrap being a bit to big for my nail as I had to trim them down hence why it looks a bit bumpy in the photographs. The second thing I noticed was lifting at the beginning of the wrap near the cuticals I couldn't tie up my hair without one catching under the nail wrap .
But the rest of my nail wraps were still going strong with a tiny bit of lifting around the edges on day 5 and 6.
Sadly by day 7 I had to remove them as they all where starting to detach from my nails, I found the 'Jewelry Box' wraps were much thicker than the samples I tried out as they catched easily on any thing, where as the clear wraps had a much longer staying power perhaps because they were made of a thinner material.

 Like I said before Jamberry do suggest to reheat the nail wraps and press them down with a cuticular pusher to re stick them, but once something gets under that nail wrap like fluff it loses quite a bit of its stickiness.

Fourth Trial
I wanted to give these wrapped a second chance and try out the same 'Jewelry Box' nail wraps
I recommend growing out your nails and having them shaped that way you get more of the design showing. So keep an eye out on my instagram @LolaaBeautyy to see how long these lasted!

How to apply the Jamberry wraps!
-To prep your nails firstly you need to push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher and have clean nails by wiping 'rubbing alcohol' on them, this will remove any oils on the surface of you nails.
*Or if you are applying wraps over nail polish apply a fresh coat and wait till dry.

-Next match your nail (finger or toe) to a wrap that is a similar size, then once you have the right size peal your wrap back with a wooden stick make sure you don't touch the sticky side of the wrap as it can interfere with the longevity of the wrap.

*I've discovered you should also make sure your wrap is slightly smaller than your nail as you don't want the edges to touch your skin as oils from your skin can get under the wrap and it will only last you a great manicure for a day.

-Once you have cut the wrap to the size of your nail apply 3-5 seconds of heat to the wrap using either a hair dyer or mini heater, you will notice it will become soft and flexible ready to stick on your nail.

-When warm press your wrap on to your nail with firm pressure, now grab your cuticle pusher to seal the wrap to your nail straightening out any bubbles

-To remove excess, trim the left over wrap to the curve of your nail then file off the remaining wrap in down ward motions

-Once again apply 3-5 seconds of heat with your hair dyer or mini heater to make sure the wrap has bonded to your nail.

*How long do they last for? Jamberry claim that they last for about two weeks if you feel them starting to lift just apply heat again to the nail and smooth down once more with a cuticle pusher.
Removing wraps!
There are a few options to remove your wraps by soaking your nails in nail polish remover for 30 seconds or for less harsh ways using either olive oil, coconut oil or lemon juice.

I found a gentle removal method that I decided to go with.
All you need is a bowl of warm water, a TBSP of olive oil and about 5 squirts of lemon juice mix all the ingredients together and  firstly break the seal of your wraps then soak your nails for about 30 seconds then gradually start to peal them off re-soak and repeat till completely removed.

Out of all of them I loved the clear nail wraps as you can use them as accent nails or a full set plus pair them with nail polishes creating so many different looks I really liked the 'Jewelry Box' design I just wish they had lasted longer!
So I decided to do a Pros and Cons to these nail wraps so you can make up your own mind up them.

-You get a cheaper alternative to nail art
-Don't ruin your nails
- There are so many designs to choose from your bound to find a style that's for you
-Clear wraps can be used in so many ways- all together, as accent nail and paired with or without nail polish.

-I personally didn't find that they fully stuck down for 2 weeks at the most a week.
-Shipping to NZ is a bit pricey
-The thick wraps didn't last as long, catched easily
-Time consuming to remove
There are so many many designs to choose from if your interested check out their website
 or purchase through Heather!

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