Too Faced 'Love Flush'

 Hi Lovelies
I was so excited to finally get my hand on Too Faced's new 'Love Flush' blushes!
NZ gals will know the struggle of getting new Too Faced products or if you can shipping is extremely pricey, thats why I was so happy to find these on Beauty Bay!
 Love Flush blushes are described as long wear, fade proof and smudge proof lasting up to 16 hours so I could put my blush on at 7 in the morning and it should still be there at 11 at night! I really should put that to the test!

The texture of the blushes are very soft and buttery to the touch and very pigmented so its best to use a light hand when applying these blushes.

How cute is the packaging, they really remind me of my old school toys 'Polly Pockets' you 90's kids will know what i'm talking about!

Whats extra gorgeous about these blushes is that they have these cute embossed bunnies and the Too Faced name on the powder of the blush, but sadly the embossing eventually disappears as you use the blushes.
Plus each compact has a little mirror in the shape of a heart with a quick snap shut lid because of the magnet at the 'V' of the heart.

Justify My Love
Bright pink with fine gold sparkles
I think this blush is going to be one of the favourites along with 'I Will Always Love you', 'Baby Love' and 'Love Hang Over' (yet to purchase). 
Justify My Love is a beautiful baby pink with a matte finnish the sparkles aren't as noticeable when applied on the cheeks.

How Deep Is Your Love
Watermelon Pink
Who else just got the Calvin Harris song in there head!
This is a very bright pink shade with a matte finnish so if your not in to any glowy or sparkley blushes this one or 'Love Is King' (yet to purchase) would be your got too!

I Will Always Love You
Glided Peach
I love peach shade blushes and like I said before I think this one will be another favourite, it has a gorgeous iridescent glow and is very luminous your cheeks will be glowing!
Perfect for Summer, i'm sure i'll be wearing this one the most!

The three other shades are-
Baby Love, Love Hangover and Your Love Is King which i'm hoping to get.
I will definitely do an updated post of these blushes once I have collected them all!
Let me know whats your favourite shade!


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