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Hey Lovelies!
For some weeks now I've been trialling out some goodies from Sigma who generously sent me out a parcel as a welcome gift to their 'Affiliate Program'.
I got a range of makeup brushes, makeup and brush care to share and finally have reviewed all 10 items I was sent (hence why it took me weeks)
If you haven't heard of Sigma before they are known for their quality makeup brushes for pros and beginners as well as a brush for every makeup look you want to create and as I mentioned before Sigma also sell a range of makeup and brush care accessories too, that i'm excited to share with you all!

Sigma Brushes
I've never tried Sigma brushes before and I must say i'm really impressed! I was sent some 'Top Selling' brushes to try out and below I've come up with a few suggestions to use each one but of course these are just examples and you can use these brushes anyway you want.

3D HD Precision
This brush is designed for small areas on the face and has multifunctional uses to reach curves, creases and angles- like around your eyes, brows, nose and lips.
With this brush I used my all time favorite concealer 'Lasting Perfection' by Collection Cosmetics- because of the angle of the bristles I was able to get real close to my lash line, cover under eye circles as well as still with concealer shapen and neaten up around my brows.
Plus when I had done my lipstick and needed to fix up any mistakes this brush with concealer also helped create a precise line to stop bleeding lipstick.
Lastly I found this brush was ideal for cream contouring! For under the cheek bones and on the bridge of my nose to get a precise contoured line ready to be blended out.

3D HD Kabuki
I was the most interested and excited about this brush and how it's concept actually worked so of course I put it to the tested- I used my Mac 'Pro Longwear' foundation and found I had to apply it in a 'back and forth' swiping motion with the brush.
I was so use to my flat top kabuki to buff with but I like this new idea especially because of the tapered edge and angle of the brush it was so easy to place foundation around my eyebrows, lips and my nose where you can sometimes miss those creases under your nostrils
Especially if you have already done your eye makeup, lipstick and brows the angle of the brush can get really close but not wipe away any makeup you have just applied.
The bristles are so soft, I found that foundation blended so easily with this very unique design that can be used with any liquids, creams or powders.
The images above and below are different angles of the 3D HD Kabuki to show the two different angles, so you kinda get the idea.

Buff and Blend- E39
The 'Buff and Blend' a short round dense brush, like the name suggests this brush is great for softly blending eye shadow to the crease and down to the lid or with nothing on the brush blending and buff out eyeshadow for a diffused effect.
Medium Sweeper- E54
The 'Medium Sweeper' a dense, slightly wide brush ideal for packing eyeshadow on the lid, or even placing shadow on the outer 'V' of your eye.
Described as a great universal brush for cream or powder products.

Eye Shading- E55 (Mini)
Also comes as a full size brush.
The 'Eye Shading' a soft and dense square brush with slightly rounded edges. This brush works best for an all-over application of colour to the lid with lighter shades for a base.

Sigma Makeup
I love Sigma's makeup packaging especially the powders, the Sigma logo has this holographic effect and you will see it throughout their products.

Powder Blush- 'For Cute!'
I'd describe this blush as a bright bubblegum pink with a matte finish.
This isn't normally a shade I would go for, but I've been trying to experiment a bit more with blush shades and pinks especially.
This blush is quite pigmented so its best to use a light hand when applying.
When it comes to any blush its best to start with a small amount of powder and build it up slowly, because the last thing you want is bright pink cheeks, but the plus side to really pigmented blush is that they are long lasting!
You can check out 'For Cute!' and all of Sigmas amazing 'Blushes' here I have my eye on a few of the more peachy and neutrals shades that would be perfect for any skin tone.

Eye Shadow- 'Notre Dame'
Obsessed with this shade! I'd describe Notre Dame as a taupe with a purple under tone and a gold sheen that is so pigmented.
This shade would look amazing paired with purples, deep plums, slivers and even browns because of a hint of gold shimmers.
I attempted a smokey eye with this shade and it was a perfect top layer to as some shine to the lid of my eyes.

Definitley go check out Sigma's other 'Eye Shadows' they have some gorgeous shades I'm tempted to get more!

Lip Base- Rhapsody
Rhapsody is a gorgeous deep plum with a matte finish
The 'Lip Base' is a range of lip liners or you can fill in the whole lip, bascially jumbo lip pencils.

These can be worn alone or under lipsticks or gloss acting as a base.
It's function is described as a base that will amplify your top lip colour, a color base to your overall lip look.Rhapsody would be a great lipliner for Mac's Rebel lipsticks as the shade are a close matches!

Lip Vex- Hint (Deluxe Sample)
I'd describe Lip Vex like a creamy lipgloss- 'Hint' is a beautiful mauve shade.
The first thing I noticed was the yummy vanilla scent, think NYX butter glosses if you like those you will love Lip Vex too!
It feels really moisturising on the lips and has a long wearing shine, I'd love to try more shades.

You can received this deluxe sample as a Free Gift when you spend over $30 but you can find the full size here

Sigma Spa- Express Brush Cleaning Glove
This glove came at a good time because my makeup brushes needed a really good clean!
You would probably be surprised I actually like cleaning my makeup brushes so when I got this glove I was really excited to try it out!

This travel size glove is reversible and a universal fit (like one size fits all)- one side of the glove is for eye brushes and the other side is for face brushes. The glove is split in to four steps
'Wash', 'Rinse',  'Refine' and 'Refine Plus'.
Normally I wash my makeup brushes with warm water and Johnson's baby shampoo because it is ultra cleansing and gentle to the bristles.
I wrote about 'How I clean my brushes' way back when I started my blog, not much has changed but I am thinking I will do an updated version with what other products you can use.

I loved the eye side of the glove as the 'Wash' space took away makeup in a few swipes
The 'Rinse' space worked well to but the 'Refine' space was really good in showing if there was was still soap left in the brush from rinsing, I didn't find myself using the 'Refined Plus' side so much as I either was in a rush or just rinsed the brush one last time under the tap.
The face side I found  with the dense kabuki brushes the hardest to clean especially ones with foundation, but with other foundation brushes it took me 3-4 times to use the 'Wash' space
I found the face side of the glove was only suited to small to medium size brushes as bigger powder brushes needed a wider area to clean with.

Over all I preferred the 'Eye' side of the glove as it would be good to travel with and is a quick and easy way to clean your brushes between looks each day. As for the face side I probably wouldn't wash my face brush on holiday anyway, but it is handy to have at home to clean small to medium sized brushes.
You can find the Express Cleaning Glove here plus Sigma also with have choices of other 'Brush Care' for your makeup brushes.

Sigma ships world wide or you can find NZ and AUS retailers here
Let me know what makeup brushes you would recommend from Sigma!

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