LUSH- Bathbomb and Bubble Bar

Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

If you haven't heard of Lush before all their products are hand made, made from fresh natural ingredients, cruelty free and they are fighting against animal testing!
Their best sellers are the bath bombs and have become my favourites to purchase.

When you first walk in to most Lush stores their Bath Bombs, Bath Melts and Bubble Bars are displayed at the front, everything is so gorgously displayed like lollies in a candy store!
Just a warning when you first walk into a lush store you instantly get an over powering but amazing fragrance!

Twilight Bath Bomb
Described as an extremely relaxing lavender bath bomb, it has an amazing scent of sweet lavender, best to have before bed as you do really feel relaxed and sleepy afterwards.
Also one of the reasons why I chose it in the first place was the cute pattern of a moon and stars engraved on this pretty purple bath bomb.
 Once it hits the water it goes from a lavender to a light blue plus fine glitters appear throughout the water so you may find some on your skin when you get out of the bath.
This was my first product from Lush and now my second purchase, I loved the scent so much I had to try another!

The Comforter
'Bath Bar' aka Bubble Bath
This bar can be broken up as it has about 4-5 uses to make a nice and relaxing bubble bath
Described as creating 'Big Blackcurrant Bubbles' it comes as a gorgeous swirl of white and raspberry.

Now I haven't have a bubble bath since I was a kid, but theres something about bubble baths that are so relaxing and appealing, The Comforter creates pink bath water and amazing blackcurrant scented white bubbles!
My bathroom was also left smelling so fruity, you definitely need to try this one!

There are two stores that I know of in Auckland one in New Market and one on Queen Street or if you don't have a store near by you can always purchase these online at

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