Mac 'Wash & Dry' Collection

Mac's new 'Wash & Dry' Collection has just been released in New Zealand (1st June) and  I just had to pick up two lipsticks and a bronzer.
As I wish I could get most of the collection my bank account limits me :(
The limited edition packaging is just beautiful and is said to be inspired by tie dye I love when Mac come out with Metallic packaging.

I got both the limited edition Lipsticks from this collection the other two shades can be bought in the original packing 'Creme d'Nude' and 'Morange'.

Tumble Dry (Lustre)
Described as a 'light peachy coral' shade
Gorgeous shade for a natural look- because it's a lustre it's demi sheer and makes the lips appear to have a soft wet-look. 

Steam Heat (Satin)
Described as a 'vivid yellow red' shade
A beautiful bold tomato red great for a night out look! Satin is one of my favourite Mac lipstick finishes it conditions while adding intense, rich colour to your lips!

Refined Golden- Bronzing Powder
Described as a 'finely spun golden with soft pearl'
This bronzer is soft to the touch and very pigmented plus it has little gold reflects throughout it, with this combo your adding a bit of colour and highlight to your skin.
It's perfect for enhancing skin tone and giving your skin a natural sun kissed look or accentuated tan.

If your a fan of Mac's collections too, let me know what you picked up!?

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