Too Faced Soulmates 'Ross and Rachel'

Too Faced Soulmates 'Ross and Rachel'
Blushing Bronzer
This limited edition heart shaped compact also came out with another power couples 'Carrie and Big' that is a light to medium bronzer with a coral blush.
But I new I was only going to pick one so I choose to purchase 'Ross and Rachel' simply because I love the show F.r.i.e.n.d.s!

'Ross and Rachel' is a medium to deep bronzer with slight shimmer combined with a pop of pink blush.
You can wear the shades alone or blended together and you get a gorgeous combination of an all over natural flush!

The packaging is super cute and I was surprised at how big it was. The compact also reminds me of 'Polly Pockets' if your a 90's girl you'll now what I mean!

I have always loved Too Faced for their blushes check out below a post I did on the Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blushes.


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