Too Faced- 'Original' Chocolate Bar Palette VS. Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

Hi Lovelies
I loved the original Too Faced 'Chocolate Bar' palette so much that I had to get the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette aswell! So I though I would compare them both as I only briefly wrote about the the original Chocolate Bar palette in a 'Monthly Faves' blog post!

Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar
The Semi Sweet palette has some very pretty shades you can wear alone during the day but I see this palette as being more of an evening palette for night time looks where you could create a number of brown smokey eyes.
As i've just got this palette I haven't experimented to much with it but I'm loving the warm browns and champagne shades which are normally my go too's when creating a natural look!
The new feature on this Semi Sweet palette is that it has the names of the shades above the eyeshadows this time as the original only came with a clear sheet of names.

The amazing thing about these Chocolate Bar palettes is that they smell just like chocolate the yummy cocoa power scent is instantly noticeable when you first open up the palettes. 
A few shades I'm loving so far are-
Butter Pegan- Golden buttery highlight shade
Peanut Butter- Matte warm brown
Bon Bon- Caramel light brown shimmer
Nougat- Matte light taupe
These shades are all very pigmented with a range of matte and shimmer shadows, the only shade I would have to say is more like a glitter pigment than an eyeshadow is 'Pink Sugar' its super glitter and would be best on top of a another shade to bring out the pink glitter.

Chocolate Bar Palette
One of my favourite eyeshadow palettes! I've been using this nearly every day and if your wondering "it doesn't look like she's used it" these are just images I took when I first got it.
The shadows are so pigmented I would say its one of the best neutrals palettes to have in your collection. You can create so many different looks for day time aswell as going from a nude or natural look with the light shades to an evening look  by just using the darker browns.
It did come with a sheet with the names of the shades- which I didn't photograph...sorry, but I think that was the only issue with it.

Having this palette for a while now the shades I use a lot are-
Salted Caramel- Matte light caramel brown
Marzipan- Rose gold shimmer
Semi Sweet- Matte brown
Amaretto- Deep burgendy brown with pink irradcences
Creme Brulee- Dusty gold
 Champagne Truffle- Pinky pearl champagne shimmer- great highlight

To compare them they have the same tin case and chocolate bar mould on the lid
Semi Sweet is a lighter brown than the original but both have a decent sized mirror.

Another difference I noticed is that the highlighter or base (long) shades and the new Semi Sweet palette are smaller than the original Chocolate Bar palettes, but I think it was to make room for the printed names.

If you are looking at getting one of these palettes I would suggest the original Chocolate Bar palette as its very versatile and great for a beginners, where as the Semi Sweet palette leans to more of being and evening palette just because theres more darker shades to choose from.
Let me now which Chocolate Bar palette is your favourite?



  1. Where can you buy these in NZ?

    1. You can't buy these in NZ, I get 'Too Faced' products online :)