Topshop & Topman Opening Auckland NZ

Hi Lovelies!
I've decided to start writing about fashion too (now and then) since it's another one of my passions but don't worry i'm still going to be writing about makeup! I thought why not start with my favourite shop since my visit to London -Topshop!
So I went to the opening of Topshop & Topman in Auckland (NZ)
I knew there was going to be such a long line at the time it opened so I arrive a bit later to find a small line that took no time at all to get in to the building.

I'm so impressed with how big the store is and that there will be new clothing in every week!
You'll find Topshop and Topman in the centre of Queen Street across from Whitcoulls.

Topshop and Topman has 2 levels- Down Stairs is all woman's clothes and jewellery and up stairs is more woman clothes, makeup, bags and accessories, lingerie and shoes.
Plus Topman for the guys which is on the other half of the shop.

Topshop also have there own range of makeup so I picked up 'Liner' a black gel liner, 'Glow' a cream based highlighter and one of their lipsticks 'Drive' a beautiful deep plum shade.
Plus how amazing is my new bag, its like an 'oil film' effect! Dual pouch, cross body bag it has two zip pockets and one magnetic button pouch.

Heres me being awkward- and the only piece of clothing I purchased at Topshop, I got the 'Crochet Square Neck crop top'. I don't normally go for stand out orange clothes but I liked the combination of colours this one had.

It was also nice to see Kiwi model Holly- Rose Emery postered around the shop for this seasons collection not just the British model Cara Delevingne
I already want to go back!


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