Loving Tan- Deluxe Bronzing Mousse + Deluxe Applicator Mitt

Loving Tan- Mousse + Mitt

☼ Been wanting a tan for Summer? you need to try this product! 
This was my first time tanning with a mousse and I love that you instantly see a difference in your skin tone and it looks so natural!
 I've tried the mousse twice now and it lasts me about 10 days till I start to notice some fading. It's been amazing for summer knowing I have a safe tan, all I need now is a foundation to match the rest of my body!

Loving Tan- Deluxe Bronzing Mousse
-Instant bronzer, self tanner and moisturiser
-Quick Drying
-Natural Olive Colour
-Shade Dark 
Tips!- Before applying make sure you have shaved and exfoliate with something like a loofah then apply to clean dry skin.
To get an even tan I do about two pumps to each body part for example each arm, lower legs and thighs, stomach, back, chest/neck and then with left over product a bit to my hands and feet.
This mousse dries quickly so its great it won't stain your bikini plus you want to be a bit fast when applying and rubbing in circler motions to your body. Oh! and before I forget if your not so flexible you will need some one like your mum, sister or boyfriend to reach your back! Though now I think Loving tan sell a 'easy to reach' back applicator! handy for when you one is around.
On the back of the bottle it says to wait at least 60 seconds before dressing and avoid water for 6 hours while the tan develops. After you can finally shower and enjoy your instant tan!
Deluxe Applicator Mitt
-Quick and easy to use
-Streak free application
-Protects hands from stains
Plus I got this mitt it is so soft like velvet and makes it so much easier to apply the mousse. You definitely need to use a mitt rather than using your hands, because tan can stick to your hands and their going to look a lot more browner than the rest of your body if you do. 
For NZ girls I bought mine online at Pagan Marie or you can got to Loving Tan's website


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