The Makeup School

Hi Lovelies
I started my first day at The Makeup School in Ponsonby a few days ago
and couldn't wait to photograph my new makeup kit! I got so many Mac Cosmetics goodies and a whole new professional brush set.
I enrolled in a part time course called the 'Certificate in Fashion and Beauty' which is two days a week.
I feel like this is a nice refreshing start to my new year as I'd had rather a tough year last year (loooong story) and lost confidence in what I should do after graduating uni.
So after this course i'm hoping to combine photography and the makeup skills I've learn to create something of a career with my two passions.

I won't share my whole kit because that will take forever plus every makeup artist's kit is different, but I thought I'd share some of the key products!

Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation
I don't even own this many foundations myself let alone a Mac one!
I got six shades...
N1, N3, C2, C4,C7, N9

N- stands for Neutral. Beige skin. Common colour.
C- Stands for Cool. Best for yellow, golden olive skin.
Every client is going to have a different skin tone so you need a range of foundation shades, plus with having this many you can also mix shades together to get that perfect match to their natural skin tone.

The palettes I got are a lip palette and an eyeshadow palette!
The eyeshadow palette case comes separate to the 15 piece divider as well as the single eyeshadow pans but I like that you can arrange the eyeshadows the way you want.

8 Eyeshadows included in the kit-
Amber Lights
Satin Taupe
Shadowy Lady

So I have 7 more gaps to fill, which is really annoying me!

Pro Lip Palette- 6 Modern Browns
I was wondering if we would get lipsticks or if we would have to depot them ourselves- even though I cringe at the thought of depotting lipsticks from their tubes!
At the same time it would have been good to get the bigger lip palette but I guess theres a reason for having this palette in our kit too.

Lipstick shades...
Peachstock / Half 'n' Half
Frenzy/ Fresh Brew
Taupe/ Paramount

*Any product that says Mac Pro you can only buy at a Mac Pro Store, these kind of products are usually designed for professional makeup artist.

Next is the 26 piece brush set and pouch. These are made for the TMS students but you can also buy this set in their shop.
I've also just ordered some 'Jessup' kabuki brushes to add to my set aswell, as I like to use them for my own makeup.

I won't name all 26 Brushes but obviously the bigger fluffier brushes starting on the left are for your face and the smaller more defined brushes on the right are for your eyes, lips and brows,
Though some are multi purpose too!

A few other items we got were- a mixing palette with a spatula, Mac lash curler, Mac pencil sharpener, disposable mascara wands and disposable lip wands, tweezers, emery board, powder puff, duo lash glue, individual lashes by Model Rock, Oracle Cosmetics- light bronzer and light diffusing mattifier, isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, and a black cape.

Lastly my makeup case or 'tool box' as I call it now.. that holds all my makeup and tools which we bring to class each day.
(I just added the ribbon to identify mine because everyone has the same case)
Overall experience so far is that it was really nice for once to meet people with the same passion as myself plus classes go so fast!
I will write more about my course further down the track and and definitely include graduation. Plus a makeup kit update!
If you've been considering doing a makeup course I'd highly recommend this school already!

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