ColourPop- Super Shock Shadows

You've probably heard of them by now but if you haven't Colourpop is a new cosmetic brand from LA, USA that sell the most vibrant and bold eyeshadows and lipsticks! 
I'd heard some really good things about this brand and once I heard Colourpop started shipping to NZ and Aussie I had to see what all this hype was about!
So I purchase 6 Super Shock Shadows- the only difficult part was choosing what shades to pick because there are so many types of eyeshadows- metallics, mattes, satin, tie dye etc.

I don't normally like buying single eyeshadows because they can be quite expensive for just one shadow, but these are $5usd each so thats about $6.73nzd ...says the currency converter at the moment, so I was like hey why not!

My eyeshadows arrived in a fancy box with a hand written letter and instructions on how to use these special eyeshadows, so that took the confusing part out of they way! Because these are cream like shadows.

They first come with a geometric design embossed on top but once swatched sadly the pattern wipes away..
I got 3 Metallic shades, 1 Tie Dye and 2 Matte Shades!

Amaze- Metallic

Described as a metallic rose gold with multi-coloured multi- dimensional glitters
This is a fave i've been looking for a rose gold eyeshadow like this for ages!
-Beautiful on the inner corner or the lid teamed with a black eye liner.

Eye Candy- Metallic

When you first see this you think baby pink but its actually described as a cool toned ethereal lavender drizzed with pink and sliver glitters!
Its a beautiful girly colour and super sparkly, its not to over the top so you could wear this anytime of the day.
-This would be amazing on just your lid, inner corner or lower lash line.

Dare- Metallic

This is definitely a daring colour! described as a shockingly bright neon purple with hot pink and violet purple glitters.
Looking through all the shades I wanted to buy one out of my comfort zone since I love purple but don't have a shade quite like this.
I found that you can smudge this colour our to more of a sheer purple or you can build it up to become a more vibrant purple, plus its not as intent as it looks in the pot but definitely supper sparkly.
-Wear on the lid, outer 'V' or lower lash line

Meow- Tie Dye

I found this one very interesting being called Tie Dye and the fact that it was called 'Meow' (cat lover here..)
Described as a light gunmetal doused with pink, violet and sliver glitters.
Blended together you obviously don't get the same effect you see in the pan but by blending all the colours together it makes a gorgeous sliver with those coloured glitters poping through to make a super sparkly metallic finnish.
-Wear by itself on the lid or combine with an eyeliner or even a cat eye... you know being called Meow and all >'.'<

Bill- Matte

Doesn't look like much in the pan but I ended up finding this my favourite shade!
Described as a muted plum beige with a matte finish, Colourpop then went on to also describe 'Bill' as liking long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. These descriptions on each eyeshadow definitely made online shop that much more fun.
-Perfect crease, transition or lid shade.

Hustle- Matte

Beautiful plum- described as a kick ass burgundy violet shadow with a matte finish.
I love plum shades and this one especially it has a rich pigment and would look gorgeous to create a smokey eye look.
-Awesome crease or outer 'V' shade.

I've described these shades subtley but the website has some very fun descriptions for each colour.
The formula is so unique, creamy and wet to the touch but dries with no powdery fall out apart from maybe a few glitters with the metallic shadow.

 Plus these colours don't move I had them swatched on my hand all day and they were still there after washing my hands there was still a faint colour left.
Colourpop also sell lipsticks with their matching lip liners that are also only $5usd and soon they will be releasing blushes, so I'm already excited for my next order!

You can only buy Colourpop online


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