Brand Review- Australis!

I've bought Australis before and was recently sent some goodies. After that well it encouraged me to buy some more... Oops!

So I have a combination of sent and bought products to show you all and I'm going to be honest on what I like and don't like!
This is probably one of the longest reviews i've done in a while (I never put this much effort in to a school essay- back in the day..) so I thought since my makeup collection is growing I should start doing 'Brand' reviews.

So if you've never heard of Australis before they are an Australian drugstore brand. For NZ girls I buy their products from either Farmers or Kmart.
Their packaging definitely stands out with almost all products having metallic hot pink wording on a black backdrop.

Colour Inject- Moisturising Mineral Lipsticks

These are definitely one of my favourite drug store lipsticks the pigment is amazing and I mean it! They are so creamy and easy to apply and there is a decent choice of colours too.
I'd recommend these to anyone wanting to start wearing lipstick and don't want to spend to much. Plus I love that you can see the colour of the actual lipstick on the bottom of each tube.
Gangsta Rap- Mauve pinky purple. Fave! have not found a colour like it!
Honky Tonk- Coral Peachy pink. Soft day time colour.
Jitterbug- Ladybug red. So wearable for anytime of day!
Can Can- Burgundy red. Not a colour I would normally buy but a lovely colour for Autumn/Fall.

Velourlips- Matte Lip Creams

Super cute packaging and obvisously remind me of Lime Crime's Velvetines but these are more creamy and aren't as drying on the lips.
Their very pigmented and long lasting which is a plus! There's a nice range of colours to choose from some wearable and some are very 'out-there' bold colours.
Hon-o-loo-loo- is a gorgeous pinky nude
Lun-dun- is like pinky lavender shade. Love! I can see this being a fave for most girls.
Mi-a-mee- Strawberry pinky red
Rio-D-  Fluro orange- very bold statement colour
Ny-cee- Beautiful matte red (pin up look) trust me you need this if your looking for a red!
If you hadn't guessed their names are city inspired with a twist to the spelling.

The only thing I don't like is that they smell like glacé cherries which is one fruit I dislike with a passion but I'll get over it.. because it doesn't have the scent on your lips and I would definitely go buy some more colours if they bring out new shades!

GO Long Lipsticks
I love the colours of these lipsticks but the formular is a bit hard to apply I guess because they are semi-matte lipsticks. They do feel light on the lips once you get the product on there.. but I think I prefer the 'Colour Inject' lipsticks to these if I was to buy another Australis lipstick.
Though if you are looking for a long wear matte lipstick with colour that doesn't fade- these definitely are!
Mod Couture- Peachy Nude
No Faux Pas- Strawberry Pink

Extender Lash & Brow Gel
To be applied before wearing your favourite mascara to give them length to your lashes or to keep down those stubborn eyebrows.
I use this mostly for my eyebrows after I apply a powder or pencil.

Eyebrow Pencil- Dark Brown
I use this pencil everyday to fill in and draw my eyebrows, it also comes with this useful brush to diffuse any harsh lines you may have over drawn.

Lip Pencil- Miss Behave
I get so many compliments and am asked what lipstick i'm wearing but its just this lip liner, its a perfect nude that I line and fill my my lips with and a great natural colour to wear by itself.

Cray for Colour LIPS- Jumbo pencil Malibu Fun
Fun pink really pigmented and creamy to wear, you know a jumbo pencil is always easy to use and draw on your lips, quick alternative to lipstick.

Blush BBFs
This duo has one matte blush and one shimmer blush that gives a light satin or matte finnish
I love the colour it makes when you combine both together. I think this is one of 4 shades in the blush line Australis have. I got Shop & Goss you get a shimmery coral pink and matte pinky nude that makes a peachy pink! These blushes are so cute, i'm definitely going to look at getting more!
Plus the compact has another compartment underneath the blush that holds a little brush.

AC  CC- Colour Correcting Cream

I was a bit reluctant to try this CC cream when I first received it as i've never liked BB creams because they have a glossy finish or just look patchy on my skin, so I was thinking this CC cream was going to be the same...
Well I'm glad I ended up trying it because it has a matte finnish and looks really natural! Win/win!
It's so easy to apply using your hands and I just put it over the top of a primer like I normally would for my foundation.
I got the shade 'natural' which matched me perfectly and evens out my skin tone, I would say it has a light to medium coverage but its also buildable.
This would be perfect to wear to the beach as it has UV protection or just as a quick alternative to wearing foundation as you don't need a brush or sponge to apply it.

Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder
Oil free and fragrance free
Shade Deep Natural for a matte complexion.
I've been meaning to try another setting powder this is great for a flawless finish on top of your  favourite foundation.
This compact is a little different its a two-in-one foundation and pressed powder compact so you can either use a damp sponge to apply as a light foundation or just as a powder.
From just swatching this powder it is so smooth and soft, I love how it comes in a compact form so you can take it away in your make up bag, the compact has another compartment underneath the powder that holds the sponge you can use with it but i've just been using a powder brush.
Seriously love this powder you look so flawless!

Make-Up Finishing Spritz
With aloe vera and rose water.

This spray is so freshing I've been using this all Summer as you can see my mini bottle has nearly run out so I thought it was time to just buy the bigger bottle
Its a cheaper alternative to some high end setting sprays, so what it does is it is suppose to to set your makeup in place so it stays all day, I especially use this when I wear a setting powder.
You can even just use this to hydrate your face even if you aren't wearing any makeup!

AC  ME Eyeshadow
These are like cream eyeshadows that are wet to the touch then dry to this very glittery powder or should I say to a metallic finish.
Plum Diddy- Deep plum with red and sliver sparkles. I'm on the fence about this colour, even though I love plums, it's personally just to dark for me.
Bronzonce- Bronzey gold with gold and sliver sparkes- reminds me of gold leaf. Love this colour!
These are lovely colours i'm just not a fan of how they dry, I found glitter sparkles everywhere after using these. But if glitter is your thing, you'll like these!

Bronzeyed Girl Eyeshadow Palette

I know what your thinking- that looks like the 'Contour Kit'! ...Sadly I haven't been able to get one yet, but you'll know when I do.
This palette has six shades that are definitely pigmented, so as you can tell by the name these are all bronzes and golds. I like all but the first two top shades the texture is a little gritty apposed to the other four that are buttery to the touch and have a gorgeous satin finish!
I got this palette in a deal where you buy two Australis product and get this palette for free, so I don't no if they still sell it here in NZ, but I think Aussie shops do.

Let me know what your favourite Australis product is?

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