Beauty Tips- Hair Colour and Care!

My Hair Colour and Care!

I get so many compliments on my hair colour because I'm naturally brunette, I like to lighten the ends to an ombré style but i've rather call it 'sun-kissed hair'. 

So here's my secret!... well tips and tricks

Schwarzkopf- Nordic Blonde L1++ Ultimate Lightener

 To dye my hair I use the lightest shade Nordic Blonde L1++  by Schwarzkopf. At first I went through about three of these (at different times) to get the shade I wanted because my hair is naturally a dark brown.
To get the ombré look I start around the top of my ear and dye down from there to the ends- it can be tricky at first as you don't want that obvious straight line appearing across the whole top half of your head, so I sometime use a comb or blend it out making the dye un even from where I started.
(explaining this is a bit harder than I though...)

*If my roots appear to dark sometimes I re-dye the roots of my hair with an Ash Blonde to blend in the two contrasting colours. Or if you do, do a mistake like the blonde comes out patchy just grab another brown hair dye or whatever your roots colour is then dye your roots and over lap the blonde so it blends in.
This is seriously the best hair dye I have found to get the blonde colour that I want! and yes my hair is now the shade that is on the box.
As my hair grows out I just re-dye about 2/3 of my hair to make it look like my colour naturally lightens at the ends. (Same step as above^)

Eleven Australia- Miracle Hair Treatment
Because I'm bleaching my hair it gets dry and brittle, so I want to keep it hydrated the Miracle Hair Treatment is amazing the way it bring it back to life!
I'm now onto my second bottle and i'd repurchase this again and agin!
It has eleven miracle treatments listed on the bottle from repairing dry damaged hair and preventing split ends to adding shine, softness and protecting you hair from UVA and UVB filters.
After washing my hair I apply the treatment to damp hair and leave it in
plus it has a yummy coconut scent! 
From using this treatment it has strengthen my fragile hair to its natural state and feels so much softer.
I also mentioned this in my Summer Essentials 2014.

FUDGE- Clean Blonde
Violet Toning Shampoo and Conditioner

To help it stay blonde and keep away the copper tones I follow up with fudge violet shampoo and conditioner this stuff is amazing it instantly bleaches your hair to platinum blonde.
The Shampoo- Removes yellow tones from blonde hair. Leave in for about 5 minutes.
*Just a warning this shampoo is purple so it can stain your hands!
The Conditioner- Neutralises blonde hair while it conditions. This conditioner has low levels of pastel violet pigment that removes brassy tones which creep up on blonde hair over time.
I don't recommend using this everyday as a normal shampoo and conditioner I recommend using it when you notice yellow tone appearing in your hair now and then but it can be quite drying even though it says it is hydrating, it doesn't have that affect for dyed hair anyway.


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