Metallic Tattoos- Temporary Jewellery

Metallic Tattoos- Temporary Jewellery
These remind me of the 90's as a child when we had all kinds of temporary tattoos...but these are just a bit more fancy!

If you don't know what temporary tattoos are, they are obviously temporary and fade in about a week or how ever long you look after them and they can be easily removed with baby oil!

To apply them you just remove the plastic and place the design on dry skin, then apply water or a damp cloth to the back of the tattoo and hold for about 30 seconds. Peal away the paper and you should have a nice new- not painful tattoo!
You can find temporary tattoos in a number of jewellery shops now or of course the $2 shop!

Left- Gold and black tattoos from Lovisa.
You get one sheet these are small tattoos that are probably best on you arms. My fave would have to be the dreamcatcher!
 Right- Sliver and white from Glassons.
Also one sheet with bigger tattoos (as you can see i've already started using them) I've so far matched arrows and moon shapes to make bracelets.

Meu Meu- Flower designs in gold, pink, aqua and blue.
I can't remember the shop I got these at but this pack comes with two tattoos a pink flower and blue flower design (reminds me a bit of a mandala tattoo). These are so pretty I just don't know where to put them! :)

These are super cute gifts, especially with christmas in a few days time! ahh!

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