Kelly Thompson x Tender Love and Carry

Hi Lovelies

I some how ended up with all three designs of these unique limited edition cosmetic bags by Kelly Thompson x Tender Love and Carry but their not all for me...
My favourite illustrator Kelly Thompson collaborated with Tender Love and Carry
to create two different Cosmetic bags with three of her beautiful illustrations printed on them!
If you don't know who Kelly Thompson is she is an illustrator and creative director from New Zealand now based in Melbourne, Australia. She draws the most realistic subjects and does a bit of fashion photography too.
She shares her work on all these media links- WebsiteFacebook, and Instagram

Kelly's illustrations cover three makeup essentials Lip liner, Mascara and Blush! Plus all designs come in two makeup bag styles- the Utility Box and or the Pouch.
You can also purchase all three from either Kelly's website or in store at Farmers or Life Pharmacy as far as I know (for NZ girls).
The bags are made of synthetic fabrics that feel waterproof and each have a zip.

Cass- Utility Box
The biggest makeup bag of the two styles has a zip that opens right around the bag and opens like a lid- inside the lid holds 6 makeup brushes and a flap that keeps them clean.

It's a real roomy case that you can fit a slim eyeshadow palette inside and still have room for your blushes and bronzers as well as all those lippys!
It's an ideal travel bag or if you just have a lot of makeup to carry around.

Pip- Pouch
My favourite!
This will be my new 'on the go' makeup bag, it's just the right size and with an extra zipped pocket inside.
It's a cute little pouch for some who doesn't carry around as much makeup, ideal for a few lipsticks, lip glosses, balms or 'top-up' makeup if you know what I mean!

This is a gift for my mum (because she use to be a fashion illustrator herself) same style as the Pip pouch just with a blue inner.
If you can't find these in stores you can still purchase them on the online shop at 

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